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Canon à main exotique Hawkmoon revisité

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Fichier 3D

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Many Hours to print this and paint but i think it turned out well, i am still learning to paint with airbrush so its not the best. i had to look at your original Hawkmoon files to get the side pipes as they were not in the revisited files, once found they printed and fit perfectly, the working trigger finishes it off nicely this is a great addition. i used putty on the joins to hide them sanded down and primed think it worked ok. thank you.

Imprimante 3D

Creality CR10s
  • Raft : Oui
  • Résolution : 0,1 mm
  • Température : 200 °C
  • Support : Oui
  • Remplissage : 20 %

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