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S.O.S. Fantômes - Valves à clip

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Used the R-331 as part of accurising my Hasbro Spengler Neutrona Wand. Printed on my Elegoo Mars. The models are very well designed and accurate, and really enhance the look!

The 'metal' parts were airbrushed with AK Interactive Polished Aluminium, the with Vallejo (matt) Black, and the valve body with Vallejo Satin Black. The valve was finished off with a nice metallic sticker bought on Etsy.

Replacing the stock part on the wand pretty easy. Unscrew the original, which is attached just by the two visible nuts on the base of the valve (beware, though, as the nuts screw into small bolts inside the wand, which will fall off and are then inaccessible without a major dismantling!!). Drill 2.5mm holes to slightly widen the sculpted holes in the new resin valve. The positioning of the holes in the base of the new valve are almost exactly the same as the old one, so you should be able to simply screw the new valve in place, the slightly wider diameter nuts screwing directly into the plastic of the wand and holding the new valve firmly in place.

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Elegoo Mars
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