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Fuel World, renforts et équipements

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This is just a gloppy base coat with an ink wash so you can see the bike's detail better. This comes supported and unsupported. The supported one failed on my printer. The unsupported I supported in Lychee. Lychee don't like these minis. Well lets face it Lychee don't like half the mini's out there . LOL

So anyway. Lychee says there are a bunch of holes between the abdomen and the collar bone area. I let Lychee do auto support then manually put some more in that area where the red dots were showing as best I could and let her rip.

These pics are the size it comes but I also made some bigger. After running it through netfabb to fix the holes I dropped it back into Lychee and and let it auto support then resized to 125%. X3 copies for a total of 4 on the plate of my photon mono and run em.

They did pretty well but oddly enough one on the end was missing about a 2-3 mm slice right through his abdomen. The rest did fine except for i noticed on the under side of the rider's forearms was flat and thin missing some layers on both arms. I'm sure throwing a couple supports there will fix it right up.

Anyway If you are a post apocalyptic nut like me or a player of gaslands you should head over to kickstarter and jump onto the "Fuel World, reinforcements and equipment" campaign. Pledge is very reasonable and the mini's & bits are abundant. See ya there!


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