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DnD Short Sword Prop. Cosplay. Full Size.

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I've been using this sword to learn how to make full length weapons on the new CR-30 belt pinter I've had a little trouble with the cross guard. But I think it's a matter of having an extremely small starting point with no real supporting structure, rather than any problem with the swords design. Wonderful sword! I've had a blast working on it with my belt printer. Thank you for having a full sized model!
A note for the designer. As belt printers become more mainstream It would be helpful to have the sword split in half Lengthwise for ease.
I also found I really need to add a flat point in front of the small starts of the cross guard to keep the filament in place. Thanks again and I hope to see more!

Imprimante 3D

Creality CR-30
  • Résolution : 0,2 mm
  • Température : 220 ℃
  • Remplissage : 10 %
  • Vitesse : 45 mm/s

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