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VOSKHOD 2 mission 3KD sortie Aleksei LEONOV

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Description du Make

Nicely detailed and well engineered model. This makes a very nice model of the Voshkod 2 spacecraft and upper stage of the Soyuz launch vehicle.

This makes a nice optional addition to the Soyuz FG which I printed awhile back.

I highly recommend this model and the Soyuz FG if you are interested in the early history of manned spaceflight.

Now I just need to find out where I can watch the movie "The Spacewalker" which is the story of the Voshkod 2 mission.

  • Résolution : 0,2 mm
  • Température : 215 °C
  • Remplissage : 20 %
  • Vitesse : 50 mm/s

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