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Austin le "Vampire exécuteur de l'espace".

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An amazong sculpted proxy of a famous BA Chaplain (and I don't even play/collect BA). Printed on an Anycubic Photon Mono at 0.025mm layer height and Anycubic Basic Grey Resin. I used the pre-supported stls and sliced with LycheeSlicer (and no AA as far as I remember).

  • Removal of supports was quite easy and they were place (for the most part) very reasonable. Only one ot two small details could not be saved, but that might as well be my fault.
  • Jump Pack not yet glued to make painting easier
  • the Dynamic pose is amazing
  • obvious head swap b/c all my marine wear helmets. Period!
  • I might reprint the model after some small chances to the stl to make it more compatible with a Death Watch Kill Team. Prob. use him as a chaplain or a badass squad leader/captain/champion type marine.
  • I think I would also like to have a version w/o the scenic base, just to have more choices how to use the model, but I love the base/pose nonetheless.

PS: pics are quite grainy (stupid old iPhone), I find that with the naked eye, the print looks cleaner ;-)

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Anycubic Photon Mono

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