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Alita, ange de combat Modèle de dépotoir

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Fichier 3D

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Printed it on a formlabs two using clear resin. Almost finished with it.

Imprimante 3D

Formlabs 2


Clear resin
  • Raft : Oui
  • Support : Oui

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3 commentaires

love the way you added the holes in her chest .. and the paint job is sweet as !!

ive added all three of paulienets models to my cart .. im a long time Gunnm/battle angel /alita fan, i still have all the 8 manga movies but sadly only on vhs as they did not produce them on dvd :(
these three sweet ass models will look awesome next to my collection

Thank you for the excellent product prints very well and looks outstanding

Thanks for your support : )