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alita battle angel doll body

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Printed at roughly 1/6th scale on an Elegoo Mars resin printer. Standard Elegoo grey resin.

The head was scaled to 85% relative to the rest of the parts as it's a bit too big by default. 85% seems to be about right in relation to the limbs and torso to give a more natural look.

That said, it's a really nice model. The likeness is good, and the cybergirl body is quite accurate to what you see in the movie (there's a couple of pivots missing above her knees, I think).

She's painted with Vallejo acrylics mostly. The 'porcelain' effect was achieved with a light misting of Taniya pearl white over a white basecoat stippled with very light grey and pale sand. Once dry, this was followed by a very light yellow-brown oil wash which was mostly wiped off, leaving just enough to tint the surface.

The engravings were done in silver, and the more silver areas were painted with Daler-Rowney Pearlescent White mixed with a touch of silver.

Panel lines were painted in black, touched in with gold and then 'faded' slightly with satin white edging.

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Elegoo Mars
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