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Description du Make

I was very happy regarding this design. I used Cura as Slicer and I had no problems during printing process.
On the end I have sculpted a little (10 mm) witcher figure to give the castle an owner - Witchers Castle.
The painting was done by using acrylics.

..and I will use this object on our next figure exhibition in Kulmbach / Germany.

Sorry, pictures are not in a square format...

Hope you enjoy...

Imprimante 3D

Ultimaker 2+


Inofill PLA grey
  • Raft : Non
  • Résolution : 0,1 mm
  • Température : 212 °C
  • Support : Non
  • Remplissage : 20 %
  • Vitesse : 50 mm/s

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