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Ultimaker GoPro " Selfie " mount with Extensions

Description du modèle 3D

GoPro " Selfie " mount with 100mm and 150mm extension options.
adjustable and fixed GoPro interface options.
Hollow inside with a vertical stiffener, i am hoping it will make it bouyant.
Options to extend the lengths, not sure how many continuous extensions will be viable when added together, just keep printing and adding them to find out.
The adjustable and fixed mounts will need to be rotated to suit, ensure the temp supports are on the
build bed. For some strange reason the programs i use to model and fine tune these designs, dont
seem to work well together when orientating things. :-(
Glue, tape or pushfit these together, depending on your print quality.
This design has endless options, skeleton handle, bolt together extensions, bolt on GoPro interface,
lanyard option. For now i am just playing about with my pre-V2 version to seeing how it handles its
working life , with the intention of using it for skiing.

Paramètres d'impression 3D


I use Cura on my Ultimaker Original to prepare the print.
Free Download of Cura For the handheld and extensions i used
0.25 layer height
shell 0.8
btm / top 0.8mm
fill density 25-40%
printed with regular PLA

for the two GoPro interfaces i used
0.2 layer
0.8 shell
0.6mm btm / top
fill density 25-40





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