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macintosh iphone 6plus (homage) dock

Description du modèle 3D

Here it is!!!!
the iphone 6 plus version of the macintosh ipad mini I created last week.

(now in two parts by popular demand so you can print them on smaller 3D printers) please share the photos when done.

I do not have an iphone 6 plus so this one is for you guys.

I tried it at the apple store in Brisbane city and it worked well.

I have given this one a bit of an extra tilt backwards so there is no chance for it falling on its face.

Please use the file macintosh iphone 6_01 as the previous was bringing it twice on top of each other. sorted now.

This is exactly as the other design for the ipad mini except is smaller ,its thicker in profile so that the phone sits inside the slide part easily.

It has the apple logo and the cut out for the disk drive works without support if you print it sideways

I have only printed one only at this stage, am waiting for more filament to arrive.


So I thought it would be a neat idea to modify it to suit an ipad mini.

I have NOT added rice between the scafolding within the piece before it was fully printed (rice in the gap where the base is) to add weight to it so it is nice and heavy, instead I tilted it backwards a little.

Thankyou Appple store in Brisbane CBD for letting me take photos at your store.

please keep liking my other ones so that will tell me if I should continue to make improvements or make variations or just leave it alone...

Thankyou for your interest and I cant wait to see it made with photos.

I used ArchiCAD, I am an architect.
I downloaded the original macintosh model as a sketch up file and import it to archicad, then I did the same for the ipad mini.
from the article I downloaded the images and changed it to suit and kept the original proportions where I could

And I rendered it using Artlantis really quickly



Paramètres d'impression 3D

I made it using my ipad mini version as the basis for it.


With a career spanning over 15 years in the architectural industry Hugo has had the opportunity of working at some of Australia's most elite and award-winning firms including Woods Bagot and Rice Daubney, and has experience in managing and training a team of up to 50 members.

During his time Hugo has gained expertise in all areas including; residential, commercial, industrial, health and defence sectors on project up to $1 billion. He has personally designed in excess of 30 residences for high profile clientèle with his work featuring on programs including Better Homes and Gardens and Today and featured in articles in InsideOut and Coast. Hugo has not limited himself to architecture though, he has worked alongside renowned Sydney based Interior Designer, Phillip Silver to help create some opulent and inspiring interior spaces. He has been a Guest Speaker at conferences, seminars and corporate functions and even contributed to the 2009 Graphisoft Best Practice Book.

Hugo recently became a Finalist in the international Parramatta Ideas on Edge Competition, where he was shortlisted out of almost 200 entrants.

Hugo is also a Registered Graphisoft Consultant, one of only six in the country, where he specialises in managing the transition of 2D legacy drafting to a BIM environment. Please visit for more information.

Registered Graphisoft Consultant/BIM Implementer, ArchiCAD Expert Level, Seamless Integration of ArchiCAD and Artlantis, 2D Legacy Drafting to BIM (Transitioning from 2D to 3D), Integration of other disciplines onto current Architectural projects into 3D.




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