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Custom DSLR Lens Cap - Deadpool Logo

Description du modèle 3D

Add angst, obnoxiousness, and pun-filled sarcasm to your DSLR photography by protecting your lens using this Deadpool Lens Cap. Nobody will be proud of you!

Paramètres d'impression 3D

This will include the following files:
1. Squeeze Ring (the one responsible for attaching this to your lens rim)
2. Base Cap (encloses your lens; take note that you'll have to use epoxy, even a general purpose one, to stick to the customized face cap)
3. Custom Face Cap (the custom Deadpool logo)

Easy print for PLA, needs a bit of epoxy to stick the base and the custom face. Takes about 2.5 hours for all 3 parts at 200 microns, no need for supports. The 4 hollow cylinders on top of the base cap and at the bottom of the custom face cap are spaces for applying epoxy or glue - just apply, align them up and clamp them together!

If need one for a different size, please send me a message. I do not have other types or size of lens that's why I haven't been able to redesign and print for other lenses.

I may add a lens cap strap holder soon and this will be free for those who bought this!


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