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Swirling Water Unit - Vortex water nozzle - Water Dome version

Description du modèle 3D


Presenting the Water Dome version... original version here: (or a funnel-version if the center piece is not assembled)

Use teflon tape (Thread seal tape / PTFE tape / plumber's tape) on all threads...

3D printed nozzle with magnets, creating Vortex water, to restructure the water molecules and thus vitalizing the water? Is it actually working? I don't know but there´s lots of info out there claiming so. I designed this nozzle to raise the awareness for our urgent need for pure water on this planet. If this design works... great fun! If you start thinking about how you can contribute in some way... OUTSTANDING :-)

The information collected here is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not
to be considered medical advice, prescriptive or diagnostic. See your physician for
qualified health care. And I do not claim that this design will work in any special way.

I was inspired by the work of many great inventors and researchers like for instance:
Viktor Schauberger
Johann Grander

Why did it get my attention? Well lots of people claim that the water structure is very important. Like for instance:
Also included some interesting youtube videos below.

So I designed this vortex nozzle to be 3D printed... Now anyone can download, 3D print and test if the alleged benefits of "living water" are true or not... (if this design is working that is...)

I´m the first one to admit I do know very little of how everything truly works. Also a true scientist will say that the "truth of today" is merely a matrix of theses hopefully reflecting the truth but they need to be questioned to be able to dig deeper, if that was not the case the development would come to a full stop and everything would be based on assumptions and belief...

ASSUME = "To ​accept something to be ​true without ​question or ​proof"
Urban version: "Do you know what ASSUME means? It makes an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME'..."

BELIEF = "the ​feeling of being ​certain that something ​exists or is ​true" or "something that you ​believe"

this version has a 3/4 inch threaded part, you can use adapters and hose connectors or perhaps design your own.

Also possible to add magnets to test restructuring of the water. Perhaps water "remembers" toxins etc and acts like it still is in the water even if filtered out by carbon filters etc. Imagine what that does to the drinking water that circulates back to the tap from the sewers.
Magnets might restructure (reset) the "water molecule clusters" since the H2O molecule has a negative and a positive side. Lots of people are doing research and it looks like the industry successfully uses water treatment that suggests that it´s a fact...
(I will test these magnets: )

I print without support and do not care about the fact that the parts are not 100% watertight due to the FDM method.
Consider using a FDA-approved material.

Since the 3D printed parts are a bit rough by nature you will get a better performance if you grind/polish the internal surfaces.

If it´s printed in rubber-like material it will perhaps survive running in the pond over winter?

If you'd like... check out the conductive flexible TPU rubberlike 3DP filament:



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