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Bulldog Extruder adapter for most carriages

Description du modèle 3D

Hi Guys,

I've built here, an adapter for the Bulldog extruder. It is suitable for most common carriage. The adapter should provide for my Prusa that I have more space. The problem is, unfortunately, that by the Hotend progresses upwards. That is why one should first look carefully whether it is suitable for you! There are M3 nuts and bolts needed to use it. The Bulldog extruder can be bought on
Here I have him on the: and the spaces are here:

I hope you like it.


Hi Guys, we are German casemodders and present here the executing stuff from us. I hope you like it. If you have questions always like to write us. Greetings from the ChaosModder

You can also find us at our homepage




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