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Gree Sitting

Description du modèle 3D

This is a sitting version of Gree. As with the other versions of Blu and Gree he can be printed without support (but only just).

The big version is: 7.4x9.8x13.3 cm or 2.9x3.9x5.2inch
The regular size version is half that: 3.7x4.9x6.7cm or 1.5x1.9x2.6inch

Make sure you print the right one! (And share a picture)

I also added the original Blender 3D file. That should make it easier to make derivatives.

Support my work by getting something printed by me:

Paramètres d'impression 3D

You should be able to print him straight out of a Replicator without support. Be careful though, this is the big version that only just fits. And be sure to print him from an SD card and not your USB connection. I did that the first time, and my computer went on standby halfway through the process... so I had to start over.

The original Gree can be downloaded here:





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