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Printable Architecture Kit House 1

Description du modèle 3D

Printable Architecture Kit Series 1

This is a high detail printable Architectural model making kit that is fun to print and build.

This kit is made up of interlocking components that fit seamlessly to each other.

This is a fun product for, Students, Architects, Kids, Scale model makers and design enthusiasts.

Each part was designed to print perfectly without the need for supports or rafts on any FDM FFF 3D Printer.. Just print and assemble!.

This series contains Walls, Floor slabs, Roofs, Windows, Doors and Balcony fittings in 8 STL flies ready to be printed and assembled.

We will be publishing loads more building parts and interlocking components!

Download, print and assemble!

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Scale 1:100

No supports needed to print.

Approximate printing time on an Ultimaker 2 is 9 hours.




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