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RS2: Ferry

Descripción del modelo 3D

A model of a ferry for FDM and other technologies. The ship can float, but if it is made of PLA filament and you fill it with water, it will sink. There is the only problem - the bow side is heavier than the rear one, so the ship draft is not steady. The model has several individual parts which could be put together with the rest of the model or removed, so you can see inside the model. The model has no real pattern, it is my own design.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

It can be made by FDM technology, but there are quite lots of bridges. The model contains thin walls, so I recommend you to enlarge the model size as much as possible. It was tested scaled to 132% size on the Prusa i3 printer putting it diagonally on the printing bed. Remember to keep the same scale of all model parts. It is better when the lines of the first layer are parallel to the direction of the ship movement. You can change color of the filament when printing individual parts to achiave a more realistic-looking model.
The model in the gallery photos has this settings: scale: 132 %, layer height: 0.25 mm, extrusion width: 0.6 mm, hull: red + blue PLA, car deck: black PLA, top: white PLA, funnel: orange ABS





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