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Prusa Air 2 Gecko by ChaosModder (with all components)

Descripción del modelo 3D

Hi Guys,

I have my Prusa Air 2 Remix uploaded. It is currently not ready yet so please do not be surprised if I do change something. Preliminary a thank you to the other who the Prusa Air 2 designed and improved. I've taken a few components, make it easier to print the Prusa Air 2 Gecko. Of the components that I have used I will always refer to the source. Should anyone disturbing that I have the parts here announces you please. Moreover, I could not find the source of Thigiverse Motor Holder of the Z axis. If I have overlooked you, write me!

Why did I call him Prusa Air 2 Gecko?

I have read the submission from Prusa Air 2 and this adapted to my
terrarium of Exo Terra. I once bred geckos and had to give reasons for this time. As a souvenir of the geckos to this 3D printer myself commemorated at her. The colors I have therefore chosen as the Grandi (much green, red, something orange and turquoise). The terrarium is to prevent the dust / fumes outlet. To make this possible I bought filter. I want after the joyriding The Lizard, Prusa Pimp ( adapt to this project.

What have I done?

First, I have looked at several 3D printer. The models that were I liked best the Prusa Air models. Then I looked what versions there. I have taken as a template to Prusa Air 2.

The sizes are almost identical to the Prusa Air 2 ( As can be seen in the pictures, I have the printer built so that it can be placed in an Exo Terra terarium (45cm x 45cm x 60cm).

The components are labeled "P01_1pic_Name.stl" that the first compartment of which part number is P01 = Part01. The second part tells how many times you need the component 1pic = 1 piece. The third part is the name of the component.

The DXF file has been processed by Prusa Air 2 that the Motor holder on Z axis can be mounted. In addition, a stabilization in the back of Additional Services was installed. There were introduced with holes for "Arduino Mega".
The X axis holder of I have in the metric trapezoidal leadscrews TR8x1.5 and nuts of 17mm wrench size (15mm height) version uses. It can also be used the other version of it. The acrylic glass is 6mm thickness. I let the acrylic laser cutting.

Currently going some remodeling and have decided on a Bulldog extruder (, a metal carriage ( and a "Reprap Mendel Prusa i3 Z Axis Y Carriage Plate timing Belt Holder Aluminum Alloy" on ebay. Still useable, the 3D printers are constructed with the selected parts.

I will keep you updated about new changes to date. I hope you like it.


Hi Guys, we are German casemodders and present here the executing stuff from us. I hope you like it. If you have questions always like to write us. Greetings from the ChaosModder

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