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NinjaFlex Pocket Container

Descripción del modelo 3D

Soft enough and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse without scratching your sunglasses or phone. Printed out of NinjaFlex. Both top and bottom are needed. I came up with this design while trying to create a can cover and noticed how my iterative prints fit nicely into one another :) Gave up on the can cover - love the container.

3dprintny sells starter quantities of NinjaFlex on our website, ebay, and Amazon.


We developed a great way to distribute cost effective quantities of flexible filament: Splash Spools. A generous amount of filament on a spool with a case so it's not flopping all over the place. Splash Spools store easily in a desk drawer, stacked space or even hang on a wall. Available on and Amazon. We stock NinjaFlex, Cheetah, SemiFlex, SainSmart, Fillamentum and our own brand Flexy.




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