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15 commentarios

Hello, I've been scouring to find your emperors children palatine model. Is it still available? If so or not can I still purchase?

Fantastic work, any plan for warp talon claws and heads?

Hello! I bought the Raptor bodies, heads, chainswords, backpacks and it looks great. Do you have any arms?

I would like to know if the weapons are left hand and right hand?

just press the mirror button in the slicer to get from left-handed to right-handed or vice versa

Just bought the CSM Heads Pack 20.. Amazing work. reminds me a bit of the artwork in Lone Sloane. Can't wait to print them out.

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Hey, I just bought your random heads package and now Lychee tells me that 4 of the 8 Heads arent printable, Please Help

give me some days, i repair this

What % should I print the hades head kit to fit a kill team character?

added an archive with normal-sized heads to the page with the model

hello, really good job. some people serche khorne head for AOS . have you make it ?

hello , many people whant khorne head for aos . have you got some stl for aos khorne head ?

yep, go to my patreon, there all my staff by 10$ and send me refs pls)

Is it possible to get your khorne banners somehow?

go to my patreon, there all my staff by 10$

I love the faceless chaos sorceror and had to buy it immediately! I'm probably going to use it as a tech priest dominus for a dark mechanicum army i'm building with these giger'esque looking biomechanical horror models I found on a really unique patreon that started up recently

I'd like to talk with you on discord but somehow I'm too derp'd to figure out the way to send you a message directly lmao, I'm going to send an email instead lol xD

your work is phenomenal!

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Love the Khorne icons and that you offer supported files. Bought them immediately.

Could you please design some 2 handed chainaxes? This is something currently missing from the scene. 2 handed Chainaxes, but the arms have to be built too I think, as most power armor arms won’t work. I think if you made this, you’d sell a few.

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two-handed that will hold with two hands? that is, what would be two hands? or just a big ax but could hold on with one hand?

I will be very grateful if you send me a couple of examples of references by mail)

Any chane of some chaos chain axes

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I will be very grateful if you send me a couple of examples of references by mail)

Do you have a discord or email address?