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Hello, I have creator question. You have numerous models for sale that use the brand name "Lego" in your tags and model name. I seem to be getting singled out and getting hit with DMCAs instantly for having "Lego" mentioned anywhere. How do you get around this or have you just been lucky?

Oi, sobre os legos do ninjago, como são? tamanho? tem como imprimir com filamento? Vc teria algum para eu comprar do mesmo tamanho para imprimir e ver se da certo, pois não quero comprar sem saber tamanho e como vão ficar. Mas me interesso realmente.

Hola, he comprado tu diseño pero no se como imprimirlo. Solo me interesa el brick 3x4 k es la base para las minifiguras. ¿Puedes ayudarme?

Hello, I looked at your profile and saw good work. I wanted to buy it once and try it (valorant keycaps), but when I throw the product I bought into the printer application, the icons on the top of the keyboard keys are detected as broken or half. I've never had anything like this before that I bought from other places. If you can fix the problem, I would appreciate it, but if not, I want a refund, unfortunately 6.50 € is a high figure for the country I live in. I am using Creality slicer app. link It has 1 month duration

i checked and there no any broke at chamber, . but if you can send me your email i'll re-send again the files asset ?

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also, i use Creality Slicer app : but if you can send me your email i'll re-send again the files asset ?

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I would appreciate it if you could send my e-mail to again, I tried to print it out on the printer, maybe because there was an error, but unfortunately it got a corrupted output as I shared in the image. my printer is Creality Ender 3 Neo.
If I encounter a problem again, unfortunately I want to request a refund because as I said, I received other printouts like this and I did not encounter such a problem, thank you for your feedback.

Done, please check your inbox

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hello, I received your mail and tried again, but unfortunately there is the same problem and even some of the tops are missing (the exact printout that I uploaded in the photo) I uploaded the photo, the link is below, thank you for your attention and effort, but I cannot print this product, so it does not work for me, so I want a refund . Thanks again for your hard work. Have a nice day. It has 1 month duration

don't worries

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Hello there! Love your work, I couldn't help but notice there is not a special plate/ tile stl pack. Would those be inside of another one? I saw a lot of the pieces I'm looking for inside some of your kits so if it's no trouble could you add them or show me where they are?

any chance you would do a lego Ahsoka?

Hello Xshierra, I recently bought "Lego bricks" and I have several doubts, at first my laminator told me that it was not printable, but thanks to Prusaslicer I was able to solve the problem and everything was fine, I was able to print without difficulty,

but the other problem is that the pieces can barely be joined, some with great force, and others I may be able to do it by pressing with a pliers, I haven't tried it yet but I imagine so,

My question is if this is the case or did I make a mistake, because I want to give it to my nephew who is a small child and it has to be an easy system to put together.

If there is an error, could you be so kind as to make any changes? From already thank you very much-

Hi Daniel, Thank You for Purchase my product, about your question, can you tell me about the printer & your setting for printing ?

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The most important thing that needed to print lego part successfully is to have properly calibrated first layer.
here the video that may help you to print lego with best setup :

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Hi, thanks for the prompt response.

My printer is a Magna 2 300 from the Hellbot company, direct printing,

and I am currently using the Ultimaker Cura as the main slicer (the Prusaslicer to repair STLs)

The settings I used for the LEGO bricks are:

Layer height 0.2 mm
Initial layer height 0.32 mm
line width 0.44 mm
Fill line width 0.44 mm

Wall thickness 0.8mm
Top/bottom thickness 0.8mm

Filling density 5%
Grid fill pattern
Infill Overlap Percentage 5%
Printing temperature 210 degrees
Printing plate temperature 50 degrees
100% flow

Filling speed 45 mm/s
Outer wall speed 45 mm/s
Inner wall speed 50 mm/s

travel speed 100mm/s

And I was looking and the problem could be in the initial layer height of 0.32 mm (which I have it that way because of a suggestion that I adopted, that since there is more flow of material, it has better adhesion to the printing plate)

I just saw the Youtube video and I didn't know it was complicated to print Lego pieces, I thought I was like the vast majority, I'll have to make all the necessary adjustments, sorry.

Do you work for the Prusa brand?
I did not know and I want to say that I do not use the "Prusaslicer" that although I find it excellent and far superior to other slicers, it does not have my much-loved "tree support" as Ultimaker Cura Slicer has, the great function of sending my work to my printer via Wi-Fi and neither the "illumination" type filling, which are things that I cannot preside over,

I'm sorry... and I hope that one day they can incorporate it!! (if those functions are already there, the truth is that some time ago I had not found them)

hi! I bought your lego files. I notice that they aren't separate or individual parts. Can you ungroup them for me?

Hi Ronniecuartero

What I have done in this case was, in my slicer, separate it into parts right there,

if you use Cura Slicer you must right click and in the contextual menu go to "Mesh tools" --- then click on --- " Split model into parts" and voila!! You already have all the pieces separately, Greetings!

Hi, I would like to ask... That model IS one STL or you have to print it part by part?

Hi Akrubek,

What I have done in this case was, in my slicer, separate it into parts right there, If you use Cura Slicer you must right click and in the contextual menu go to "Mesh tools" --- then click on --- " Split model into parts" and voila!!
You already have all the pieces separately!


Hello! Love your work, would you consider doing the classic lego castle helmets/visors/vests?

sure, let me check on my old folder

Hello do you do custom requests? I would like thanos helmet and some hair styles you dont have yet. Downloaded one of your file and they are so good. Looking to buy the Marvel set, some cool charters in there.

Hi there,
I was wondering if you had a tentacle beard for a minifigure and a pirates hat for Davy Jones minifigure? I would love to purchase both if possible?

HI! Are these scaleable to a larger size? I want to make a large Master Wu, for an ongoing joke with my son & I, where his "Golden Wu" keeps mysteriously appearing where one of us accidentally finds him. (Like an ongoing "Elf on a Shelf" dad joke.) If I could have a giant Golden Wu appear on is birthday, he would think it was the highest form of comedy. :)

Hi! i made 3D model same as life size, i think if you use best software like blender and best settings on your printer, it's a good solution that i can recommend to you. because different printers have different setting quality.

Hello, I use a MacBook for my work, and I can't use a PC program to ungroup the Animals in the Pack I bought. WHY don't they come separate?? Please send the Separate .STL files to me at nytshaed @ gmail. com. Thank you.

Hi! im so sorry about that, because if i ungrup to separated file STL, the files just ungroup in my Computer, if i export again, they will become group again. you can ungroup or separated file with your software like this :

Hello! I have figured out how to select and export for printing only the Animals or files I want using Cura. Thanks for amazing files!

Hi, I just bought the ninjago pack. It is awesome. Unfortunately I miss my sons favourite characters, the golden Ninja but most important the Golden Oni with Mask. Any chance to get these added? Thanks :)

Hello there my friend, I also bought the Ninjago pack, but when I put in the slicer to print for me the models are a bit squarish (since it's smoothed by shader on blender but not applied to the model). Did you manage to print them smoothly? Or you also get it kind of squareish? If you managed, could you give a tip on how to achieve that please? :)

this is how it looks for me:

Ninja Go Pack included many files like ZMBX, DAE, OBJ, MTL and also STL, you can use any software to smooth the models like Blender 3D, because made 3D model same as original lego size, you can re-size with best software that you can use to smooth the model.

Thanks for hijacking my question :P No I have not printed anything from the pack because my sons favorite is not among them yet. Any chance to get the Golden Oni with Mask? But indeed I plan to print this model bigger for his Desk so thanks for the advices on the smooth shading.

Hey, I just bought the lego ninjago characters to print. They look amazing when you open in blender, thanks to the smooth shade, but once you try to print they are all squareish like this:

Do you have any trick so I can print them as they look in blender? because the way it is it's not printable :(

Dommage que les cheveux ne puissent pas être imprimés indépendamment les uns des autres... (Fichier lego cheveux)

sorry i just speak english but hope this can help you for separate the files :

you can use this Apps for UnGroup the piece of Lego :

and here the tutorial :

I have find a solution to separate the files! thanks

Hello there Im new to 3d printing. I have purchased the Valorant keycaps from you. Do you have any recommendations for printing it so that it perfectly fits well? I have an Anycubic Kobra printer, what's the best printing settings for it? (I have tried 5 times already but it won't fit well)

I hope you can help me because I'm desperate to make it work ^^

Hello my friend... i just wanted to ask if you have the mandalorian lego figure design?


I am interested in only the minifigure... is it available for solo purchase?

Please check again, we have special price discount for first launching, thank you

hi bought ur keycap but the files are not seperated

idk how to seperate these keycaps tho wishing u could help me

hello there's no 3D blender in mac book can u send me thru email the seperate files instead?

Yeah, but maybe in a hours, thats okay for you ? Send me your email

thank you friend, here;s my em ail brysuuu @ gmail. com i put space bc cult3d doesnt allow

Okay, Let you know asap

thank you i will wait friend

Done, Please Don't forget to cancel your order refund !

Check Your Email Please, or Reply me if you get it

hello i didnt ask for a refund * might be another person* i didnt receive it tho

are the model kits in seperate bricks or are they printed as completed projects?

doesnt matter just had my question answered when i got the bounty and im glad we can print the parts seperate

These look great dont suppose theres plans for the old kits like castles, ice planets and wild west?

noted, i'll input on my waiting list project

thats great to hear

Hello. I just got the star wars lego file from you.. they are all grouped up.. can you split them all up? I am not downloading any additional software to do this. I have no clue how to do it and not willing to learn. just want 1 file for each figure so it can be printed.

Dear ..iI buy the file LEGO -MINIFIGURES HAIR . The stl file contains more than 30 hair style all grouped, In which way I can manage the single hair , just to print the only style that i need?

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