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Hallo, ich bin von deinem Frauenkirchenmodell begeistert. Lässt sich das (gegen Honoar) dahingehend modifizieren, dass man eine Beleuchtung integrieren kann. LG Steven

Hallo Steven, am einfachsten wäre, wenn es Möglich wäre, Unterstütze mich einfach ein klein bisschen und darüber kann ich Dir auch das Gewünschte zukommen lassen ;)


Здравствуйте, а 3D модель барельефа Кинг Конга как на фото у вас есть? Хочу вашу купить 3D модель парохода и добавить к нему Кинг Конга, классно будет смотреться.

Unfortunately, King Kong is not mine, I only bought this one.

Здравствуйте, а 3д модель барельефа Кинг Конга как на вашем фото у вас есть? Хочу купить вашу 3д модель парохода и добавить к нему Кинг Конга, классно будет смотреться.

Hi, my name is Angelo.
I write from Italy.
I have been searching the internet for models of the statues that are on the Reichstag towers for many months. They are needed for my little son to do a job at school. .could you help me with the creation of these statues, at least the 8 that are on the side towers at the entrance to the Reichstag / bundestag?
If you need some photos, to understand what the statues are, I can send them to you.
I'm going crazy, I don't know how to do it and where to see ... There aren't even many pictures of them on the internet.
Could you help me, please?
I would be infinitely grateful to you, please. Thanks anyway.
Yours sincerely


Hello, I just purchased and downloaded your incredible venture model and was wondering do you have a version that is completely assembled? It would be much easier on my resin printer. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the trust :) i need to see if i can rebuild the model so that it is printable in one piece. Currently it is just cut and optimized for FDM printing.


I have tried to send a private message through your website few days ago, but I think it didn't reach you.

I am trying to modify the model slightly to better work for printing it in 1/100 scale and was wondering if you'd be willing to add the source files (step or obj, depending if you made it with CAD or not) to the download which would make the work much easier?

I understand if you don't want to share those, but I thought I would ask to make my work much easier :)

Hello, yes I got your email and also replied yesterday. Unfortunately, a direct forwarding would be of no use, the Venture was created somewhat chaotically, but if I can help you, then simply get in touch again :) as written, your mail has arrived and been answered.

Ah, so the problem seems on my end, as I haven't received your reply. Will send a message once again through website with my email and a backup - would love if you forwarded the reply you sent to those :)

Also, not sure if you noticed, but it seems you're logged in and replied on here with a different account than Vandragon_de ;)

Hey. Sadly, I still haven't received any email on any of the two emails I put in the second message I sent through your website. Even stayed extra vigilant about checking the spam folder (and oh my god, I get so much spam in there of various scam quality :D). At this point, I can only assume there is some break of communication between your mail provider and gmail.

No worries tho, I will try to recreate the parts I wanted changed in CAD on my end so I can tweak them. I really appreciate you offering help, but I don't really want to burden you with all the little changes I have now planned - it would be much easier to navigate a messy file (and I know about those, my models are also made in a very chaotic fashion) than to explain it all in text :P


Actually, it would be really helpful to me if you could include a plain hull (without all the "ornaments" like anchor, hatches, portholes and lines).

I tried modifying it on my own, but my polygon-fu is weak, and that way I could just redesign the pieces on my own in cad and export the lot as an stl down the line.

good morning,

I look for models for my H0-modell-train.
what are the dimensions of the ship?
can it be scaled to fit into such a system?

Greetings from Cologne


Hello Gerd, currently I would only recommend the Venture II, as it is about 1:200. In 1:87 the details are of course much coarser but also much easier to print. 1:87 is already very large for ship models.

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website. We would mark you as an author under the picture.

Hello :) If I may ask, which model is it and, above all, which company is it? Thank you

Hello again, we are thinking of this little ships like this bathtub boat, little tug boat orben the floating.

Thank you and you have a nice selection of filaments and I would be happy if you have a lot of fun with my models :) so herewith I give you permission to use them for promotional purposes.

But if I may ask out of curiosity, is there a possibility to get your wood filament and some small samples of your PLA? My wood filament for the stands I print for my ships is unfortunately running out and I always like to try out what other people's wood filament is like. Here is the link to my page, where you can see the stands made of wood filament for the light models:

The PLA would be exciting because we always need material for workshops, events and further education at schools for our club and we are also always trying out new ways of printing the material and how it behaves with 3D printing pens.

Thank you

Greetings Tino

Could you please provide me with your email address so that we can communicate a bit more privately? I would be very grateful.

Of course with pleasure,

can you please just send me a message through my contact form first?

Since the messages here are unfortunately not really private (I always forget that), I don't necessarily want to post my email address here. Via the contact form I will get your email address and then a normal communication is possible, thank you.

Hallo! Dein Modell vom Berliner Fernsehturm ist super! Ich möchte das gerne für meine Gartenbahn drucken. Dafür möchte ich aber das Modell gerne noch etwas modifizieren, um es dann mit einer Beleuchtung zu versehen. Kannst du mir dafür bitte die CAD-Dateien zur Verfügung stellen? Das wäre super!
Recht herzlichen Dank

I am really happy &Impressed with your Model (Paulus Kirche Frankfurt)
I am gonna use it in my architectual Uni project at the technical university of Brunswick, the topic is "House of Democracy".
I just wanted to ask if you have the current state of the Church in a 3D model with the new roof after being rebuilt 1948 after its destruction due to the war.
it would be a great help.

Many thanks

Hallo, es freut mich wirklich sehr, dass das Model überzeugen kann. Leider habe ich aktuell nur die Version vor dem Krieg. Es wäre bestimmt möglich die Nachkriegsversion umzusetzen, müsste nur schauen wie ich die Zeit aufbringe. Bis wann wird das Model benötigt?

Danke für die schnelle Antwort schon mal.
Je nachdem, ich würde mich sonst selber dransetzten und das modelieren, kann aber mit Meshes nicht umgehen da ich in Rhino Arbeite, es nachher auch zum Rendern höchstwahrscheinlich benutzen werde und ich deswegen versuche dein Modell in ein geschlossenem Polysurface umzuwandeln.
Mein Ziel war es das Modell kommende Woche zu drucken, aber das kann man auch so hinbasteln als Arbeitsmodell.
Soweit ich weiß ist ja das nur Dach nicht auf dem Aktuellenstand, das Kreuz und die zwei Statuen fehlen fehlt. (Was vllt auch viel zu viel Detail ist)
Ich kann natürlich nicht so eine Leistung umsonst verlangen, aber da ich Student bin weiß ich nicht ob ich es mir auch leisten kann, da bin ich ehrlich. Wie viel würden sie dafür verlangen und mit was für ein Programm Arbeiten sie?
Sowieso wären ein paar tipps bei der Umwandlung zu Polysurface schon gold wert.

Hallo, Interessant Modell Berliner Fernsehturm für 3D-Druck. Ist Modell maßstabsgetreu? Kann auch in Farbe drucken? Viele Grüße Heiko

Is it possible to print yours models for sale and contribute youf or using your files ?

what exactly did you have in mind? Which models do you have in mind?

I tried to download this Ice breaker. But downloading ends up in an error that say something is wrong with the file. Any idea what to do?

Unfortunately no, apparently technical difficulties.
Try here:

I tried. It works well. Thanks a lot for your help and very quick response.

hai i buy this Steam Ship Venture II from King Kong (Peter Jackson)
but the hull _1_200 stl file is to big for my printer is it possible to split that in two parts so i can print it .it's the only part that not fitt on my printer
greetings and thanks peter

Hello Peter, of course I can still upload it, I divide it at the point where the strut runs, then it should still be printable normally.

thank you for the quick response and greetings peter

ou sinon un port pour tes bateaux

tu peux essayer de faire des personnages pour tes camions svp

Hello do you do freelance work?