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11 commentarios

Hi there! have you any model for 48T? I would appreciate it. thx!

What is the length by width of the square side of your Portable AC wall mount adapter? Thanks!

Sorry BuddyGee, I do not see of which design you are talking about... Could you be more specific for me to help you ?

Thank you, regards Heike

Thank you, regards Heike

hello i bought the file of the marble run, is there an aduino sketch for it and instructions, thanks for the help

Hello Hpfuchs-Weinboehla,
I have just updated the zip file to add the wiring diagram of the Arduino Uno board and an Arduino program to run the Penrose marble run.
I am glad that you have asked for it, it means that you should be ready to make it run !
Best regards,


I purchased the Marble run castle "Staircase of Penrose" (perpetual motion) and after un-zipping the files could not find the intructions or part list required to assemble the same. Please provide the same to


Hi Jayanthikamdar,
Sorry, the bill of material is indeed missing ! I will add it and the matching Arduino program ASAP !
Best regards,

Thanks and awaiting the files

Hello Jayanthikamdar,
I have just added the BOM in the Cults3D design files. I will also add the wiring diagram and Arduino program soon.
Best regards,

Linda la llave inglesa!

Gracias Daniel !

Thank you for this fantastic design (Jingle bell musicbox animated christmas tree - Third release).
Unless I am mistaken, one part is missing: the musical mechanism support, under the "PiedCadeauxSapin" part.
Could you add it, please?
Thank you :)

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Hello Lionpasq,
Thank you for your comment, great if you have enjoyed this design. I have added the missing part, the feet of the Christmas gift base that also supports the musicbox mechanism.
Do not hesitate to share your make of this design, I am curious to see the result with your colors choice !
Best regards !

Thank you !

Hi, is it possible to create it bigger for pipe 34mm?

On which design are you asking that Rad0 ?

Hello ALAN, indeed a stl file was missing in my last updated zip file. I have just updated the ZIP file adding the missing UOT+1_V99 stl file, you should be able to download again the zip file to get the missing part.

Thank you for your message and my apologies for this oversight.

good morning, I bought the mechanical calendar, but I see that a piece is missing in the STL files (number 10 of the manual) could you send it to me?
thanks :)

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