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bonjour joë, j'ai une page perso en création sur laquelle il sera possible de me contacter.

hello Rick, I do indeed have all the assembly instruction in PDF. Tell me what notice you're interested in, I'll give you the link. Kind regards

Je ne trouve pas votre adresse mail de contact ? ( Désolé je suis tout nouveau sur le site)


oui c'est bien sûr possible. contact sur ma chaine.

Est ce que vous avez la possibilité de créer et de vendre ces fusées ? Je suis très intéressé par l'achat de 6 fusées dans le cadre d'une opération commerciale professionnelle.




Your models of the various launch vehicles are fantastic! By far the best detail of any such models I have seen. I was wondering if you had the assembly instructions in PDF form? I know there are the YouTube videos, but it would be easier when doing the actual assembly if there were pages of instructions to follow rather than continually having to pause and restart a video.


si vous êtes français, ce sera plus simple alors !
en effet, j'ai oublié d'exporter ce STL de ma source blender. le fichier 02_silver_outside_H1_motor_down.stl a été ajouté.
vous devez pouvoir le re-télécharger.

merci de vous en êtes rendu compte et j'espère que ce modèle apportera satisfaction. (j'ai confiance sur ce point !)


Perfect! thank you it works !
Your work is great man, can you creat a detail model of soyuz capsule with solar panels ? im ure that would be great!


for overhead brakes, ("65 white x4.stl" file) print with 0.8mm thick walls. disable background and top layers in the slicer. filling with 40% square grid pattern and oriented at 45 °.


i buy the soyuz Rocket, but the file "65 white x4.stl" have no details, its solid.
Can you send me the detail file please ?

thank you. 1/48 it's huge! I want to believe that the result is fantastic.

Outstanding work! I am nearing completion of the Saturn 5 in 1/48 scale and it looks fantastic. I will do all of yours in turn at 1/48. Now that I found your Montage videos on Youtube, assembly is a breeze. Again, excellent work.

As this model is designed, it is not possible to simply reduce the scale without the thicknesses becoming too thin to print.
the STL can of course be reworked to suit your side.

Can you resave your file of the Mercury Redstone to 1:100 scale (for charge would be fine), or can an experienced person do that on my end?

Delighted to have contributed to Switzerland from france on this point ! obviously, any pictures of your work is welcome. in the makes section for exemple.

Hi - thanks for your stl-files. I've built the Atlas Mercury. I think one of the few 1:60 Atlas Mercury in switzerland. I built the most parts in white with a dremel 3D-Printer - t works fine. Then i colored the morst parts. Only the rescue system i have to rebuilt with the cad. Thanks again! If you like some pictures let me know.

Hi, for the Saturn V stage S1C, there are 2 files (03 black RP1 tank skin pos I & III x2.stl / 03 black RP1 tank skin pos II & IV x2.stl) corrupted, impossible open, can you please check it and made the correct files available.

Hello, very nice work on Apollo 7 Saturn 1B, but in section 13 it seems to me that a stl is missing a white lower part (going just below the 8 black/white skin parts), can you please check this and upload the missing file?

Your models look fabulous and I may want to try the Saturns, but I'd like to try the Redstone first. Unfortunately, the zip file contains three files that do not unpack. I believe this may be due to the filenames being translated into English using characters that are not allowed in filenames. The three files are:
blanc revet haut a & c
noir revet bas c & d
noir revet haut b & d
I hope we can get an updated zip with those files repaired. Thanks