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Atención amigos, esto no es un mensaje privado sino un hilo de discusión público. Es un lugar de intercambio, gracias por ser cortés y respetuoso. Cualquier solicitud comercial o maliciosa será eliminada. Si mencionas un diseño en particular, no dudes en añadir el enlace o el título del diseño en tu mensaje para que la conversación pueda ser dirigida adecuadamente. Si quieres adjuntar fotos a tu post, no dudes en subir tus imágenes a un servicio gratuito de alojamiento de imágenes en línea como Imgbb y copia/pega los enlaces a tus imágenes en tu comentario. Tengan una buena discusión!

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hello please suscribe to me cordially

hallo, ich versuche seit tagen die folgende datei zu kaufen,
ber immer bekomme ich die meldung die zahlung ist offen aber ich kann keine daten runterladen. habe den ersteller schon angeschrieben, aber er weiß auch nicht weiter.
könnt ihr mir da weiterhelfen????????

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Please use the website’s contact form to send your issue and so that we can communicate information that may be private to your account. If there is an error, please provide the message and a screenshot so we can help you as fast as possible 🙏🏻

I want to post my article on your website but no response your team.

Hi Ajayarajbhar, we receive a LOT of solicitations for sharing articles on our blog. If you didn’t get a response it’s because we don’t have enough time to answer all of them, I’m afraid.

Hi Sunny! Thank for your awesome job on this website. I'm really glad to have a place like this to find great 3d designs.

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And thank you for your kind message 💜

Hi Sunny! nice to meet you! always have the curiosity about whos back Cutls3d and I feel glad to meet you! thanks alot for this site, cos here in Argentina the opportunity to sells models give me a few income that I never thing that I can have, and it is thanks to you and all the Cults3d Team, I hope to be soon one of the Viral designs , I am preparing something very interesting, and need to take good pictures, gif, and all the stuff neccesary to give a good first glance to the community, Thanks for give us the opportunity to show our work to the entire world.

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Thank you for your kind message. Wishing you the best for your Cults shop! 💜

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Thanks for the support 👍🏻
Share a photo of the printed model 🌈👀

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Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...

Hey Gustav. Please drop us an email at and we'll take care of that! Cheers

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Hola, podrian enviarme mi saldo a mi cuenta paypal por favor, haces 2 semanas que intento realizar la trnasferencia, muchas gracias.

Hey @carlosbalvos! Sorry about that :/ My profile doesn't have any models, so perhaps you were thinking of another user? Let us know at if you still have an issue or if the emails don't get through because of spam filtres, try reaching @cults3d on Twittter.

I tried to buy a model from your page, but an error appeared and i didnt get the model. I tried again, and i the same happened. I then checked my bank account, and u have charged me both time, and i didnt get the 3d model. I wrote two emails to you and got no response.

Hi sunny,
Thank you for your purchase. I hope to read your opinion and to see a photo of your 3D print on Cults3D.

Have a good print!
Ocrobus 3D Maker

If you want you can follow the “Ocrobus 3D Maker” on Instagram, I publish there all my new creations that you can always download from, bye

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Hi David! You can write to, we'll be happy to answer your questions about your page.

Hello sunny, hope you’re having a great day, I wanted to know if you could give me your mail so that I can talk to you about some stuff about my page. Thanks

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