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Hi there, I was wondering if I could email you some questions about your 3d models. thank you.


@Serberdra: Did you do custom designs?

Thanks for getting back to me. I realised after I messaged that there are two levels of extration needed to get to the STL files. I appreciate you replying so quickly.

Hi I downloaded your Boba Fett bust yesterday (Galaxy Hunter Bust Fan Art 3D print model). I thought I was getting the STL file as it mentions STL file in the description a few times. My friend who was going to print it for more says it is only a RAR file. Is there any chance of getting an STL file from you wihtout having to pay again. Many thanks.

Hi, for the RAR file is containing the STl files, Then you must download Winrar for Extract the STL.
Link for Download >
Thank you for support

i love your bust of troopers.
you have :
- phase 1 trooper bust
- phase 2 trooper bust
- modern trooper bust
i want buy all of your models but before i want to now if you have one other model : the classic stormtrooper ?

best regards

just curious why so many of your gundam masks are so pricey? you have some at over $1,000 dollars while others are more reasonably priced at a few dollars. why the variance?

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Hola. Soy de Argentina y me gusta el modelo de Bulldog frances. Lo tienes?

Hola. Soy de Argentina. Me interesa el bulldog frances. Lo tienes?

Hi, I was wanting to ask permission to sell your oscar statue design with a share of profit from each print I sell. My email is if you would like to contact me thanks!

Good morning, I have a question about this model. (1ST GALAXY TROOPER BUST FAN ART)

Because it is cheaper than the model in CGTRADER, it is the same and I don't know what the difference is between one and the other.

A greeting.

Hello there, I love your mask designs. However, I can't seem to extract the Rx-93's mask. Says the archive is corrupt, any idea about this? I have no issues with S-Freedom's mask though.

Hello i loved your gundam mask design. proportion is on point, exact fit for your face. hope to see more designs from you

I hope the file survives the 700% enlargement !!

SON GOKU FAN ART FOR 3DPRINT 3D PRINT MODEL - what scale ? I just bought it.

Hi I've tried to buy your Guyver mask but it's not letting me it keeps saying payment denied and there's money on my card I was wondering do you know anything I can do I would really like to get this mask