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Mark, thank you for reaching out and your kind words.

Due to the way I model, sometimes I create one-piece versions but typically I do not. Sadly, Rosie is not one of them.

Keep in mind that you can fill the bed with most of the model and complete all the pieces with a few 'full plates'. Actually, even if you are painting the model, that's the better way of doing it rather than painting a one-piece model.

Do not hesitate to keep in touch, and if you have the time, be sure to post your make.


Hi Steve. I came across your 3D work when searching for a Rosie the robot to print for a friend. Yours is far and away the most evocative and detailed model that I have seen. And I super appreciate that you have made it available for anyone to print. I have a question though, do you have a version that can be printed out as a complete assembly? I have access to a 3D printer at work but because it is shared I'd like to print Rosie all in one go and paint her after. No worries if that's impossible. Just thought I would ask. All your models are exceptional BTW. Thanks for considering this request. Best regards: Mark

Thank you for your kind words. Messages like yours and seeing makes posted gives me the inspiration to keep modeling.

Not sure if you looked at other Calvin and Hobbes makes but their are a few suggestions for the stripes. One maker used black electrical tape, which I think is perfect. Another maker suggested gluing one end of the strip, let it dry and then wrap the stripe with glue to complete it. I never wanted to make this model due to the stripes, but they do make the model.

The only issue I have with Piglet is his size. I try and keep models in proportion and he might simply be too small. And of course Tiger has stripes as well.

I keep track of all maker suggestions and work off that list, so I never know what I will do next until I get started.

If you have time, don't forget to post all your makes.


You are by far my favorite designer on this site. I hate sanding and painting.

I have finished your Calvin & Hobbes (my personal favorite), except for the stripes. They are all printed, I just have to get around to glueing them on, and I dread that.

My wife LOVES Winnie the Pooh. I have finished Eeyore, and will be posting a make picture soon. I'm currently printing Winnie's Hunny jar. He will be done in the next day or so, and I will post a make.

That collection feels incomplete without Tigger and Piglet. No pressure, but if you get stuck in that "What do I want to model next" loop, and settle on one of them, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Either way, Love your work! I'll be printing most of the ones you posted, as they are all a large part of my nostalgic youth.

I use Blender, free download, for all my work. The software is incredible and does way more than I need or understand. I jut concentrated on the 'mesh modeling' aspect of the program.

If you decide to try your hand in modeling, I'll offer whatever assistance I can.


which app you use to design your model? It so special. Thank you

Thank you for your kind words! Be sure to post a picture of your make when completed.

Scooby is on my list. I track maker suggestions and Scooby comes up a lot.


Your models are amazing. I'm working on a Cheshire Cat right now--can't wait to see it all together. I'd love to see what you could do with a Scooby-Doo :) . Thanks for the awesome free models!

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Hi Steve email sent. regards Michael

Michael, Thank you for your comment.
When I was creating these models I was so focused on making the parts with 'no supports required' that I lost focus on letting the maker choose. You are not the first one to request a one-piece sweater.

Send me an email, and I will send you a link to the one_piece sweater.


Hi Reddadsteve ! I printed you Tintin and Milou in X2 scale perfect ! Your model is very easy to assembly and very accurate but just a remark, the sweaters left and right are not easy to assembly (need to cut and sand down) I am not a 3d designer, can you create a unique STL sweater including the sweaters left and right ? Best regads, Michael from France

(google translate):
Je conçois avec Blender, téléchargement gratuit. Il y a différentes manières de diviser les parties, mais surtout je prendrai des parties de différentes couleurs et les superposerai. Je «soustrais» alors l'un de l'autre pour qu'ils se rencontrent simplement à la surface. Dans Blender, je peux prendre juste cette surface partagée et la retirer pour créer l'onglet d'insertion.

Faites-moi savoir si vous voulez plus de détails.
Travail en équipe,


I design using Blender, free download. There are different ways that I split the parts but mostly I will take parts of different colors and overlap them. I then 'subtract' one from the other so that they simply meet at the surface. In Blender I can take just that shared surface and pull it out to make the insert tab.

Let me know if you want more details.

Bonjour comment vous faites pour tout séparer en pièces

Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to seeing your makes posted. Seeing makes helps me understand what the makers like to see more of.

I have the Wizard of OZ on my list, but I never know what model I'm going to do next until I actually sit down and start.

Be sure to check out the Old Hag from Snow White that I loaded tosay.



Just got my power and internet back.

If it would help you, I can share my blender files and save you some work. I'm surprised that you do not rig and animate directly in Blender as well.

You may also want to look at he following site for models that are used in games. They are not rigged but have textures applied and may help you move along a bit faster:

If you would like to continue this conversation via email do not hesitate to contact me at


Due to a recent storm I lost electricity and wifi and will not get it back for another few days. Just got a minute on wifi now and saw your message. I definitely want to follow up with you once I get power back.

your 3D character models are all super awesome! :)

I don't have access to a 3d printer, but I was able to take the individual stl files of the calvin model you made and I put them together in blender to recreate him in 3D virtually! then I tried rigging him in mixamo:

I thought this early work-in-progress result was really neat! I might try using it (and maybe the Hobbes model you made) in a small personal animation or fangame as practice if you are OK with it. :) I'd be sure to link back to your account if I ever post the finished result online and fully showcase that you were the model's original designer. I'm a computer science student, so getting "hi-tech" with my crafts and projects often happens.

thanks much,

I did not realize there was more than one choice!

Mine simply says 'clear-transparent', industrial strength adhesive.

I would think that the 'repositionable' one means that it never fully dries, which is not correct. I looked on Amazon U.S and just see plenty of E6000 silver tubes of varying sizes. Nothing fancy, just the basic stuff.


Hello. I'm currently printing your Noddy, and I see that you use E6000 craft glue. When I search for it on Amazon, there are several types. Is it the Extreme Tack Repositionable one? Thanks very much, Helen.

Kermit is my favorite....but he misses his Miss Piggy!! lol

Thank you for keeping your stuff FREE you do amazing work I'd love to see a video of how you work.

I love all designs.

Great job!!!!

Hey Steve,
Love the Hanna Barbera stuff...brings me back to the old days. Any plans on making more?

Hi! Love the model... Any chance for a file that has it as one piece? I would prefer to paint this :)

Thank you for your kind words.
FYI-Another maker on Thingiverse added a clockworks to the watch, you might want to check it out for comparison.

I use Blender for modeling, so what format for the CAD files are you looking for? Blender can only export a limited number of CAD formats.


Hello, my name is Lukas, i am a big fan of your designs, they are just gorgeous. I want to print myself your white rabbit at a scale of 150% and want to install a small clockwork inside the watch of the bunny, would you mind sending me the CAD Files of all the watch parts? When i have finished my project i will upload all the files so anybody who wants can print one for themselves.
Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

I don't know if you got my first message , but the problem with Earl and Opal download .The right leg and the left shoe as a problem ,thy both stop just before the end ,so you are left with the top of the leg partly done and the left shoe is the same , can you help, Looking at the photo its good.

Hi , Having problems with the earl and opal program, the right leg and left shoe stop printing before end ,so my printer stops on the top of each item can you help as he photo looks good.

Hello, and how are you.
I am amazed by your work and honesty. May God bless you. I would love to know what program you use to create these wonderful 3D models if I am not imposing on you. The assembly Instructions are the cherry on a cake as they say. Very rare to find people like your self in this world. My name is Ilias I live in Melbourne Australia. I would be very interested to know if you have made any 3D models of the Playing Card characters of Alice in Wonderland.
Thank you very much.
My email is

¡Gracias por sus amables palabras! No olvides publicar tus marcas.
Trabajo en equipo,

Solo decir que sos un genio!!! Muchas gracias por tu trabajo