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34 commentarios

Hello, thank you very much for your purchase I hope you enjoy it. The model in a Stl file. all the pieces together I don't have it saved.

Hello, I have just purchased The Phantom. Do you have the model in one single stl file to save meshing? Many thanks, Jasmine

Hola traté de descargar el nuevo que me envio, pero sale error interno y no se pudo, que será?

Hola, Manuel lo revise y no me sale ningún problema. Si me dices un correo electrónico te lo mando por privado.

Gracias por comentar el error . Lo puedes descargar otra vez esta rectificado y perdón por las molestias

Buenas tardes, te compré el archivo ATLAS y la partes superior y la base han salido con errores favor podrias reenviermelo corregido gracias

Hello, of course I will look at it as soon as possible and if there is something that is wrong I will send you by mail

Hi, I just purchased 2 Phantom files from cults. I downloaded the files and I couldn't find the Skull in Kit Walker scene, also the phantom with horse scene the file is kind of low res. Could you please check and send me updated files. Thanks.

There were only 11 files in the Kit Walker scene.

Is there any way I can contact you privately to possibly discuss use of one of your models

Hello, by my email please

hi can you make kurapika from HunterxHunter

Hello, great that you like it.
Of course for a trophy there is no problem just a little favor, upload a photo when you print it to be able to promote it to the Cults community, Thank you !!

Hello, there's a file i like of yours and was planning to use it as a trophy for our gym. would that be possible? its the atlas holding up the world. also if I used it is it possible to make the globe just a globe??
thank you.

I wish to know if I can 3d print the bought model (the phantom on horse) from you and sell to my friends? As you are maker so need your confirmation. Regards

Hi, thank you for designing such phantom in pose on horse. Will be printing in a few days.

Can you make other characters from phantom? Like Guran, Julie Walker, Kit Walker in coat hat, Diana Palmer, Rex, kit and Heloise in baby phantom uniform and no uniform.

If you plan then then make the models good. It will be great addition and many will like it. I will be the first to buy being a great fan.

Well after waiting, sadly, i have not had much correspondence from you and therefore i would like a refund. i will do it through paypal as tbh, im pretty mad about this. gutting but learn how to deal with customers and dont leave them hanging in the dark.

I want to send the file to your email by wetranfer so that you can download it I need an email to send it

Sorry, i didnt understand what you mean but i thank you for replying. I understand family time and hope to resolve the issue. Many thanks,

Hello, sorry for family reasons I could not be pending.
Nobody told me that there is an error anyway I send you or the file by wetranfer for not downloading well.

Hi there. I have tried contacting you a few times with no response. I bought Cloud ff model and the stl will not print on my photon zero at all. I ahve tried everything and still not working. Please can you advise?

Hello MariaVS, for work reasons I do not accept orders.

hi, I would like to know if you accept orders for designs

Hello, thanks for your recommendation.

I suggest you for the next modes , to have pegs from the feet of the models instead of the hole

Hola gracias por seguirme, tus diseños están muy interesantes. Yo estoy apenas arrancando, espero lograr progresar en mis creaciones.

hi, cloud strife if want to print 1:4 scale how much should i resize?