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Hola estoy interesada en el ajedrez tridimensional, cómo puedo comprarlo?

Hola cuánto vale el ajedrez tridimensional? Estoy interesada en comprarlo!

I love your designs. Seriously, you and they are amazing. I just got into printing and as a massive Trekkie you are exactly the person I hoped existed; way better at this than me with similar passions. I mean the Benzite breathing thing? Ye gods that's so brilliant. I'm so excited to keep (trying to) make your designs!

Thank you for making and sharing all this awesome stuff!

Hello! I saw you had a cardassian model that looks like Data. Do you happen to have Commander Data, would be much appreciated!

Hi! I love your Book of the Dead and am looking forward to printing out. However I have a couple questions. One of your files is missing, I think it is part 2. Would you be able to upload it? Also, I saw your other book had a key. Do you have a key for this one as well? Thank you!

hi im going to do a borg cosplay im using a cr10s pro v2 can i ask did you use supports to print the parts and what orientation etc any help would be appreciated


I am wondering if you have a video or instructions for how you created the LED effect for the romulan disruptor?

Looking to make one for a cosplay outfit. Have it printed but trying to figure out the lighting.


Hello, do you sell your 3D Creations?

I would like to use your telescope light box. I have a celestron 11" and I purchased the A3 Led Light. Can you tell my the scaling factor. Thanks for your time.

I like you light box for your telescope. I wanted to do it for may celestron 11". I bought the A3 led light, I need to know what the scale up would be? Thank for you time

Hello, I work with the Star Trek: Continuum mod for Homeworld 2 and I was wondering if it would be permissible to use some of your models in our game? For now, I am interested in using your Crystalline Entity model as a background "map hazard" for the mod, though we might include it in some future content as a main antagonist. Not quite, sure on that, but who knows? Either way, I was curious if you would be possible to use your assets?

Thank you for you time, and have a great day!

Brandonater (ST:C)

hello dear friend!) I need your help) in the 3D file for the book of the dead, you forgot to fix another file) upload it please) thanks in advance!)

Hi , i'm relatively new to 3D printing and really love a lot of your designs especially the flash ones, and i wanted to ask if you have any new flash designs you are working on? Thanks