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ich habe dir die STL per Mail geschickt.

Hi Bernie, I have tested with cura 2.3.1, and after with repetier host last v (after repair it, because repetier aslk me the file are damaged...(in cura NO), and in two case, with your indications, temp, bed,infill at 35% if i no put 100% of infill, do not print anything and it hollow and empty...Only the two circle in tower internal..... This is my email. I can send you some photos to understand and see it! Enrique. Regards

The middle section should also be massive.
if the file is hollow, an error has occurred during the upload or download.
with which slicer do you edit the file for your printer? If you want I can send you my original file by email, then it should definitely go. just send me your mailadress and I will send you the STL file.
many Greetings

Hello, I printed on my Anet A8, and I passed it as a cure, and when I printed it, it was perfect in the shapes and dimensions, but the upper central part, the bridge, was missing (where the letters frk appear, in the photos, which is a central part of the design, and it looks solid in 3D view ...) The whole center is hollow! I decided then to pass the file by Repetier, and he told me that it was damaged and repaired it ....
I have repaired it and it appears that the top part of the model is still missing if it appears in the photos but not in the print. How can it be? I do not think it's a design flaw, but the filling of the central body has to be set to 100/100, so that that part is printed, if not completely hollow. It is a shame that it is so, since this filling is not necessary to make it completely solid, but rather more empty to remove material, and weight, without harming the solidity of the whole. What do you think? Can you modify that part in a new stl, so that the filling is not completely solid? How many times can i download the stl here?
Thank you

Thank you for downloading the taranis protector.
I printed the protector on my ultimaker extended 2+.
With PLA and pressure temperature 210 C °, speed 60mm / sec, 0.4 mm nozzle. Layer 0.15 mm. Support structure 7% sharing only with pressure bed touching (in the area bridge).
The bridge has two cutouts for the switches. These are drawn very accurately so that the protector sits well. if your printer does not print so precisely, you should enlarge the cut-outs a little or, after printing, do some manual work.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me. I'll answer as soon as possible.
Greetings from Germany

Hi. Hola From Spain. I have one X9e, and buy you your design to protect a sticks. Good job. What printing recommendations can you give me, temperature, speed, etc.? I have a well calibrated Anet A8, nozzle 0.4, black plate 195 / 210º. Greetings.