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Hello do your gun models have all parts and are they the same scale as the real ones

Hi, Are you still around to answer questions? :-(

Nice one fella, thank you. Just another quick one, is the lawgiver glued? I can see some screws etc. I've nearly finished printing it all and will soon start the build-out. Cheers

Hi dude, do you mean about the lawgiver, no I dont have any electrical instructions. I used a cut EL panel for the red lights on the side and I think an 8mm LED for the front torch.

Hi, looking forward to making the Lawgiver, do you have the electric instructions please?

Hi there,
I bought the Aliens M41a Pulse Rifle, but while I have the drawings I at a loss of where to start. All the tutorials deal with kits already assembled. I've printed off all the parts over the last month or so. Can you help please? Rgds Tony

I have the Doom assault rifle. What dowel fits between the barrel under rear and the mag? I tried the fitting dowel 2, which fits through the receiver front between them, but not into each of those parts. Thanks!

Also, I can't seem to find the file for the very end piece of the barrel, the part that connects to the barrel T-piece

very good, I am going to buy this file to make the gun, I have several filament printers and 1 resin printer, I also have leds and circuits, my idea is to put 5 leds on it and have them light up in sequence in the red part, I have read what you say that you have to use iron rods, are there instructions when you download the file for the complete assembly of the gun and the leds? Thank you, the sooner you answer me, the sooner I will make the purchase if I decide

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hello, I am interested in this model of dredd's weapon, I would like to know how to put the leds on it and how to make them light up sequentially in the red part

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Köszönöm a letöltést az MP 40 tökéletes munka kinyomtattam csak a válltámaszt nem lehet kapcsolni.De amúgy nagyon jó vagy! M Tibor

puedes enviarme fotos de las piezaas en 3d , para ver el desglose de priezas

Hi Lilykill,
I am a novice at 3D printing but would like a pulse rifle. What is the best material/type of printing?

Hello buddy , i send this message to ask you about the complete files of the Thomson upper receiver , the receiver which i saw on your thomson file is 2 pieces so i can not cnc machine it . I very glad if you could send me the complete file of it
Thanks alot

Were can I find the t45d helmet files, neither MMF or your website have it

with regard to the pulse rifle,can i print it in resin.or at least parts of it?

Hello, ive just printed out your fallout first aid box design (which i love) i cant for the life of me figure out how to do the bottom hinges/bit so lid opens down?

The bottom fingers just sit in the bottom of the box and hold the lid in when the top latches are closed. For the top latch the link goes into the hook and the hook loop closer is then glued on top of that so its held in place. The open end of the link is pried open to engage in the hook clevis.

Hello. I'm a salesman on Etsy. I really like your model weapon, Judge Dredd. Do you mind if I buy your 3d model from you and sell 3d printouts of parts in my store, made on my 3d printer.
Best regards

Hey just wondering how you got those 1st party Honda STL files? I heard they started that back in 2014 but cant find any links or official downloads. If you have the NSX model, that would be awesome !

Sorry for the delay, many years ago they had them on remote part of their website and just downloaded them to print but never did but uiploaded them as I havent seen them anywhere else.

Hello, I love your Doom weapon designs and was wondering if I could hire you to produce more! I need them in 1/10 scale so they could be modeled in single solid pieces. Please let me know!


hello an assembly plan included.

thank you

Thank you for the reply and the updated files, im not sure if im just blind and missing something but I don't see the drum arm file anywhere. Thank you again for the great model!

I also think ArmRetainer.stl is a duplicate as well

Hello on the constantine Shotgun, the drum arm.stl isnt correct its a duplicate of the drum firing pin head.

Awsome work!!!!!! I've brought your sliverhand's malorian arms 3516 form cyberpunk 2077 and just want to point out one tiny details, the malorian logo on the barrel(without laser pointer side) is asymmetrical with the other side(rounds come before the word malorian). Again your work is soooooo great and it's so far the most accurate(minus the small logo detail). Been wondering if you can kindly alter it? I've having trouble opening the files in fusion360 to alter it.

Hi Daniel
I thought I will reach out to you to find out if you would be interested to do the project design and development for my cap gun bottle opener project I want to take to market.If so, then please let me know. I'm on Skype and Whatsapp at +64210 732855. Thanks Ben