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¡Hola, buenos días!

Recientemente adquirí su modelo Skippy de Cyberpunk y quedé fascinado al ver un vídeo donde muestra una versión con luces y sonido. ¿Podría proporcionarme información sobre los elementos adicionales que requiero y los archivos de audio para poder recrear esa versión mejorada? Sería fantástico poder experimentar todo el potencial de Skippy.

¡Gracias de antemano por su ayuda!


Alexa is missing part of the base. The ship's wing is much larger than Alexa's object, occupying 230mm.

I don't know which item you mean, I just checked all the files, they are all there.
Of course, the wing is larger (230 mm to be exact), which is why it has a wall bracket or a so-called charging station with steps on which you can place it. Look at the photos, you can see the dimensions and the printing time!

hi could i buy with commercial use?

I'm sorry but no.

If you want it for yourself, do it.
Best regards

Hi, just started putting together Cyberpunk's Skippy but can't figure out how to use the pin for the trigger's spring, do you have any pics from the assembly?

First, the trigger must be inserted from above. Pinch the spring into the two holes with an forceps (there is one on the trigger and one on the frame).
Then the Cute cover sheet from above and finally the Lock from the side.
Unfortunately, there is no photo

I uploaded a photo called Skippy-Trigger

Hello kurczp,
I bought the R2D2 and have problems with the assembly. Which parts on which positions. Is it possible, that you can send me some detailed pictures from the side and the back. So I can assign the parts.
Thanks for helping.


I have uploaded a Zip file (pictures), it contains one or two photos.
I can't present the composition better than that.
It requires a little dexterity and imagination.

I purchased the Marvin Echo Dot holder and am unable to find the file for "Sole left"

The "sole left" stl file on the has been uploaded

I bought your model, but it came without the glasses/eyes

Es gibt zwei ZIP-Ordner, im zweiten Ordner (der 17,11 MB groß ist) finden Sie sie mit den Namen „Marvin Eye1“ und „Marvin Eye2“.

There are two ZIP folders, in the second folder (which is 17.11MB) you will find them named "Marvin Eye1" and "Marvin Eye2".

The new color addition has been uploaded

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It would be nice if R2D2 holder has color specification for parts and assembly instructions.

ich habe die Datei erworben, allerdings sind einige Dateien (gerade die Flügel) besonders beschädigt. Undzwar wenn ich die datei slice, sind die Verzierungen am Flügel, die Linien nicht durchgängig oder fehlen sogar
Ich habe diese versucht zu reparieren allerdings ohne erfolg. Könntest du mir die dateien privat auf meine private email senden?
Hoffe du liest meine Nachricht Gruss

Face piece (ears and eyes) missing in Marvin Echo dot 4 model. Anyone can send me the piece please?

I uploaded it and it has a little description too.

Der Echo Dot muss lediglich auf dem flachen Teil platziert werden. Es rutscht nicht herunter, da es gummiert ist.

hello man! are you fine? Can I ask you two favors? Lower the marvin echo dot 4 sppot price a little and can you say If it have some way to hold the echo? or just put the echo into the neck plate? can't the echo drop?

thanks in advance!

man! are you fine? sorry to bother you, but can you make the marvin cheaper for me? don't get me wrong! nice job and you deserve to profit, but I'm in a little shortage right now! and a big fan of the guide! hope you understand! Nice job again! :)

Guten Abend!
Ich habe die fehlenden Dateien gefunden. Ich habe die Zip-Datei repariert. Wenn Sie mir eine E-Mail-Adresse senden, sende ich diese direkt.

Pouvez-vous me dire exactement quel article manque?
J'ai téléchargé le fichier zip et je l'ai extrait. Je pense que j'ai tout.
Je peux envoyer les fichiers par e-mail

Können Sie mir genau sagen, welcher Artikel fehlt?
Ich habe die Zip-Datei heruntergeladen und ausgecheckt. Ich glaube, ich habe alles.
Ich kann die Dateien per E-Mail senden

bonjour jai voulut commence a imprimer CYBERPUNK 2077, SKIPPY GUN et je viens de remarque qu'il manquer 2 fichier dans votre zip comment je peut faire merci a vous

Hello! I will also send the photos in this email. These are the larger objects. Good luck!

hey bud, Ive just bought your echo dot 4 tie fighter files, what support settings did you use? Is there any chance you can show me how you orientated the pieces for printing please?

Many thanks, my direct email if prefferred is
Thanks in advance :)

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