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Hello, I just purchased the Atreus God of War armor set. There are a few issues with the models.

When you import them, some of the parts like th e belt buckle and neck pendant are huge. They are not to scale to the other parts.

Another issue is the level of detail / engraving on each piece, its far too thin and too shallow. I printed them to a life size scale, and printing at 0.15, most of the details are only 1-2 layers high. This does not make preparing the pieces for paint easy, as the details will be obscured. It would be nice to see the engraving be more pronounced.

Also, I would suggest making the parts 2X as thick, and make the bottom of the belt buckle flat for easier printing, since no one will see the backside anywasys.

Hmmm, I might have messed up the scale when exporting from Blender.

Good feedback on the engraving depth though. I can certainly look into increasing those.

I appreciate the feedback

I can't seem to get the handbook to open for the Key I keep getting an error they work for the books though

Hi Andy - almost finished printing your Lament design. There is a "Main Pipes Left x6.stl" but the zip file is missing the one for the right side.

Hey. You can just flip it in your slicer. It's the exact same just reversed

Oh geeze, Homer Simpson moment, DOH!

I did spot one issue, on the Blade A part, the indent for the four valves, one of the indents is shaped differently. Three of them have three 90 degree corners and the notched corner, the other has two 90 degree corners, and one corner that is curved instead along with the notched corner.

Ah, let me take a look at that. Might have been an oversight on my part

Hey there. Just an update about the Lament valve issues. Yup. looks like I accidently had that edge selected when doing a rounded corner. Good spot!

I have two fixes:
I fixed the hole in Blade A, and updated it in the download so you should be able to grab it from there if you wish, but I figure if you've already printed that then it's a bit piece to reprint, so, here's a valve with a curved edge that you could print that will fit the hole. Should be an easier solution -

Let me know if you need anything else, and you'll have to send me some pics when you're done.

Happy making


ok, but my question is which resin would be good to print them correctly?

Oh I get you. No recommendations really. Just whatever works well in your printer. It'll all be painted anyway so the colour etc doesn't really matter.

hello to print the 3 models what do you recommend as UV resin " Jetsam, Flotsam, and Wheems Batteries Not Included”. ?

Yeah. You can print them in FDM too, but you'll get more of the fine detail in resin

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ok, but my question is which resin would be good to print them correctly?


Do you allow for any sale of physical prints of purchased models?

Hey. Not of purchases from here, but my Patreons have a commercial license and the full catalogue for $10 a month. Full details over at

Le me know if you want any more details

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You’ve got a new subscriber! Thanks

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Thank you for the Shield Weaver / Anointed plate armour. This is reeeeally helping me to get this costume ready :)

Amazing work on the Batteries Not Included bots!!! Any chance you might be working on the parents too? I would love to have them all!

Thanks so much. Yeah, they're on the list. Probably really early next year, as the rest of this one is really slammed!

Can't wait!!!!! Thank You!!!!

Hi there! I have made your van helsing tojo blades and everything printed fantastic ......except I am having lots of trouble trying to print the ratchet part. I have printed it now 4 times without success.

Oh no. Any particular issues that I might be able to help with?

good afternoon. There is a problem with the sliced bottom middle portion of the soldier boy shield. it is instantly saying it is completed. ive tried multiple different printers as well as different slicers. Please assist. if you can recreate the file and send it I would be greatly appreciative. I was hoping to have this made by Halloween and this is the last part, please help. thanks in advance. Link is below.

Weird. Try grabbing it from here and see if this works. Multiple people have already successfully made this prop so I'm surprised there are issues.

Let me know if that works


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Thanks for the quick response, I also switched out memory sticks and with the new file it seems to be working. I really do appreciate the quick response~

No sweat buddy. Happy making!

Hi, I purchased your book and key bundle for the mummy. can you provide recommendations for a nice orientation in which to print them?

Have u been able to Print them ? I still thinking about best orientation too because there are PLENTY of overhangs who are more then just a bridge or 1 line. Specialy on the Pages they even go arround corners :O.

I managed to print the key flat on the largest face. However, I couldn't get the spring loaded version to work. Still pretty cool visually, but I was really hoping for it to snap open :)
I haven't had time to try to books yet. I started a print that I had to stop due to some warping, but I'll give it another shot

i download your the mummy books and key bundle zip and extracted files and there is nothing in the folders

I presume you did this on a mobile? You need to do it on a desktop else you won't see anything as mobiles don't support the file types - but everything is definitely in there (hence it being >140MB)

¡Hola! quiero comprar la máscara de robot Stray pero al leer las medidas no creo que ese tamaño sea suficiente para que entre en mi cabeza. ):

You can just increase the scale in your slicer to make it bigger. It shouldn't be an issue


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