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Looks like someone is selling these on Etsy heads up

thanks for info

Hey just a word or few to let you know I had found the dino dick and dino pussy files "in the wild", but upon learning you sold hem here...I'm buying them from ya.

Thank you so much for your support

I would like to make and sell your designs what do I have to do to get permission

I can sell your products

You can send me message via Instagram @iradj3d or email me at

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How much to buy the rights to print and sell the dickasaurus? I am small time and wouldn’t be selling many maybe say 1-2 a week at most

Thank for your message.
It is no more possible to Rebuy the same model on Cults3d.
As you see on my page , my models are for personal use only.

I'm an artgroup admin, and we have someone in our group trying to sell 3D printed dickosaurs she got from your shop. She stipulates that she has your permission to sell, as long as she rebuys the file every 7 she sells. We just want to clarify that this is a standing agreement, and you've consented to the reselling of these printed dickosaurs.


I really like to sell this from my webshop. Does this 50 cent/sold print still count, or did people fuck it ud?

Hope for the best.

Yours Truely

I've tried twice to down load the dino dick and payed for it but did not receive the file ( file not found)

Send me an image of what you want on my Instagram

How much for a custom file to print something on my 3d printer?

Bonjour ! J'ai téléchargé le fichier suivant : Sitting_dick_1_V3 car je suis en train de réaliser un jeu d'échec coquin (avec des bites). J'avais besoin d'un élément pour remplacer le cavalier et j'ai trouvé mon bonheur chez vous.
Je ne sais pas trop ce que je vais faire ensuite du jeu. C'est surtout pour le plaisir (je ne fais pas de commerce). Peut-être pourrions nous échanger nos idées et mélanger nos compétences. N'hésitez pas à me contacter. En tout cas, bravo pour ce que vous faites ! Marcel

Hi, I bought your "mr dick cop edition", but I would need a version without writing "police" and another with writing "rangers". is it possible to do it?

Thanks for info
I don't know if she respects or not, but unfortunately must of people don't, so Thanks a lot to all of users who respect the Licence Agreement 🙏👍

There is a lady repeatedly stealing ans selling your stuff on Facebook daily she's making nearly 40$ a print off your rude dinos if you have an agreement in place that's fine if not I just thought I'd make you aware. Her name is Krystle critchfield.
If she's not got an agreement let me know and I'll.get her banned from all the groups she's in , I hate people stealing

Some of your models are posted in a facebook group called Uncensored 3D Creators. Seen dino dick, dragon dick and some others.

Also do you have a thingiverse account ? Cause there is a user on thingiverse with a few of your models.

Is there any chance you can post a mega dicks bundle? That includes all your dick creations in one easy to purchase format.

Nice models!

Hi 🤗

Thank you so much dear freind.
Having the message like yours give encouragement to continue.

Hiya, just wanted to drop a message to say thanks for the dinodick, it's a proper classic :-D

And stuff the haters, you made it, damn right it's up to you to sell and not give it away.

I happily paid the monies.

Keep up the good dickwork :-)


Hi !
Your Dino Dick is back on Thingiverse :-\

Just want to make sure that if I buy these I can resell 7 printed ones.

seeking your contact info!

Hey Iradj3d, your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

I have an idea that I'd like to discuss with you by selling your dinodick print

Can you email me

Is it possible for you to design an awesome cactus dick???? Your work is amazing!

Hey! Is it possible for me to pay for a license to sell your dino dick or any other models? Love all your work, but that one in particular has lots of viral potential!

bonjour pouvez vous me fair un designs sur mesure ? avez vous une adresse email que je vous envoie la photo merci
et qu'on convienne d'un prix

I found the illegal remix on Thingiverse. Sorry that happened to you. I haven't d/l either copy yet but I will be buying it from here. Great design absolutely hilarious!!

Kheili mamnunam az komaketun! tajrobatun ro morede estefade gharar midam! kheili mokhlesam! etefaghan printeram amadas yekam calibr konam dge print ham mikonam! :D nazare lotfe shomas agha Iraj!

Ow jalebe! khube etemad kardid pas, chon heyfe karatun, fekr konam adamaye khubi bashan! ma dar khedmatim! baz ham tabrik migam featured shodin!!! <3

Man tehran hastam! khoshhalam ke shoma karetun khub hast enghadr. man ghablan paypal dashtam ama dge baste shod :)) majburam majani bezaram ! movafagh bashid!

Hey Iradj! Love your work! are you currently living in Shiraz? Thanks man.
you can also find me on thingiverse if messaging there is easier!

you make me laugh when i read your description

Hi, I think someone stole your file:

Love these files! Can't wait to print them out!