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Thank you. I will try and let you know about the results.

Hello, do you think I can print your creations in 3D on Elegoo Mars Pro 2 with resin?
Thank you

Hi, I don't have such information, I'm only a sculptor

Hello, I really like your models and I wanted to see if you allow or are ok with me purchasing a file and modifying it to 3d print it and then sell the 3d prints online? I would not be selling or distributing the original digital file anywhere. I think your designs are very impressive and I would like the opportunity to be able to work with you. Thanks

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Hello. Yes, you can sell 3D prints.

Hello, did you have to modify the files to 3D print the animal's heads to print them? Was it successful?

Hello! I love your tiger model and I was wondering if it would be alright to sell printed versions - credit of course would be given to you with each sale. Thank you!

Hello! Yes, of course.

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Hi, I'm from a store that sells resin statues. I really liked your work "tiger attack", I would like to buy the stl file to print once and make a mold to reproduce paint the pieces and sell them in Brazil. I would like your permission to do so.

Hey how's it going? I love your sockeye salmon the detail is amazing and exactly what I am looking for. Would it be possible to get the salmon in 3-4 sections I am working off of a Anycubic Mono X and well as you may already know the printing dimensions are not favorable for bigger prints so if its possible id like to see if you can section this off and I am more than happy to pay you the difference in cost for doing that. Thank you, and if you can help me with this feel free to contact me via e-mail at where I can be easily reached at.

Hello. Sorry, but my knowledge is limited only to modeling models.


Nous sommes intéressés par le fichier de l'"Ours Brun" :

Nous souhaiterions l'utiliser pour de l'impression 3D.
Serait-t-il possible d'avoir ce ficher mais un peu transformé, ne prenant en compte que les traits ombrés de l'ours. Ainsi nous pourrions l'imprimer en filaire.

Je vous remercie pour ce renseignement,


Avez-vous besoin de faire une cavité (vide) à l'intérieur du modèle?

Le site a Ajouté des variantes du modèle avec cavité et sans paroi arrière

I'm interested in a purchase in 2 of your models but would like to find out if I can have permission to sell the prints. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello. Yes, you can sell prints.

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Thanks for the awesome models.

Are you available to model specific animals?

Hello. Unfortunately, I do not accept private orders, perhaps in the future I will make the model you need for the Cult website.