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Buenas tardes cuando tendrá el tanque m41 walker bulldog se agradece su buena forma de crear los carros esperando pronta respuesta.

Hi, I bought your RS 2027 Formula 1 model a few days ago, but so far I couldn't get it to print properly and until now it's just been a waste of time and material. Could I get a refund?

A lot of other customers have printed the model without a problem, I am sure is not the model. I don't mind to give you a refund, but you need to request it over cults3d, I can't do it on my own.

I assure you the model is fine, is a easy to print model, with almost no support and any complex overhangs, just want to make that clear.


i'm trying to print it on my ender 3 pro with a glass bed. the issue that i have is that most of the parts don't fit together. there's a gap when i put the front and back body with the connector on the chassis. i don't understand why i'm having this issues because my previous prints worked just fine.

also cults3d says I need to contact the designer for a refund.

Hello good sir, will your files print ok for 15mm (1/100) scale

Im looking at getting the M50/M51 sherman

Hi, yes, they can be printed at 1/100 scale without problems, just use a slow printing speed and 0.1 layers. Positive Horizontal compensation might help for small parts.

To get 1 100 scale from my 1 64 models, just scaled them down to 64% on your slicer

is it possible to print your files as 1:35 scale?
thanks by advance

Yes, it should not be a problem, you might need to slice some parts on big models if you have a small 3d printer (search for cut 3d model on meshmixer, free software, pretty straigh forward). I have test my files up to 1 43 scale. Greetings

to get 1 35 scale from 1 64 models, scale them up to 182% on your slicer

Dear Sir,
I have bought your design of the M113 ZELDA IDF via Cults.
I have tried to open the stl-files of this design with my 3D-builder/3D-viewer program.
This did not work.

Following message appeared when opening these files "you are not authorized to open some of these selected files".
I have bought more designs from your hand and never discovered this problem.

Could you have a look at this error and send me the stl-files in good format pls.

Thanks in advance
Eddy De Clercq
mob.: +32/(0)471.71.81.19

I will add it to my list

Would you ever consider designing a F-16 viper? Loved the mirage model and would love the same quality f16,

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It is on my list, but too much commission projects going on, you can contact me at

Hey. Really like your stuff. You're obviously very talented, and, I'd guess, quite patient - there's a lot of details in your models. Just a comment about your LAVIII/Kodiak: You mention in your comments that the LAVIII is used by New Zealand, which is correct, but the version you show has a wedge front (like the LAV25). The NZLAV has the straight front as per your M1126. Keep up the good work though.

Good to know, I will make the adjustments, thanks for your nice comments

All good. For your info/interest, there's plenty of reference photos to be found if you Google 'NZLAV'.

Hola luis, me podrias diseñar un M113 con pala dozer?

Si es posible, escribeme al email, está semana estaré offline pero para la próxima me activo, saludos

Hi, is there anyway you can offer a file for the Amx30 that is partially assembled like your newer files? I am finding it in 1/100 extremely difficult to assemble in so many parts.

Yes, it has been updated

Hi, is there anyway you can offer a file for the Amx30 that is partially assembled like your newer files? I am finding it in 1/100 extremely difficult to assemble in so many parts.


Outstanding M8 Thunderbolt II AGS! Please contact me... I would like to buy the file for this in 1/87 scale. Thanks!

You can scale the digital file to get 1 87, you need to scale them to 74% on your slicer

muy buenos días, me pongo en contacto con usted para preguntarle si tiene en mente hacer el vehículo porta personal BMR , ya que me he quedado impresionado de ver un VEC, y mas con esa calidad de detalle

Me puedes contactar a para comisiones, saludos

I am looking at your M50/51 Sherman. Do you have the hull for the M51 somewhere else? It used the M4A1 cast hull. The M50 looks great,

thank you

Sorry I don't have it yet

Would you consider doing a m60a1 and a 1970 cj5 jeep

Yes, it is on my list

Hello, I was wondering if you would ever consider taking your bae systems amphibious combat vehicle acv usmc 8x8 and make versions with either the 50 cal. CROWS or the proposed version with the 30mm cannon on it? I would love to print those and add them to my collection of models I already have. Thank you and have a great day

I am actually working on it, stay tuned, will be published on the next few weeks

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That is wonderful news! Thank you for the quick response as well!

Hello - just wondering what scale did you model the RALLY BUGGY SCALE MODEL in? Very interested...

Is at 1 24 scale

Bonjour, je vous contacte au sujet du DNG que vous avez mis en vente sur Cults3D. Je souhaite juste vous signaler qu'il y a une erreure sur le véhicule: à l'arrière en dessous des deux coffres, vous avez mis 9 cylindres en longueur. En fait il s'agit d'une poutre en bois unique et pas 9. Cordialement

Hi, thanks for the input, I will definitely will re check this model, stay tuned for a revision version

How can I convert your stl files to gcode? I'm using an Ender 3 printer. Thanks!

Hi, you need a slicer software, CURA and Prusa Slicer are quite popular, you load the models there, and the slicer program will generate the .gcode for your printer.

Thanks very much!

Hello, please consider to make a Abrams X tank. Thanks!

Great suggestion, thanks

Hello, is it possible you could make an AN/TPQ-53 Radar? Thank you for your consideration!

Great suggestion, thanks

Could you please provide a picture without subsurface?

Sure, of which model?

Do the turret rotate on the Sheridan?


Hello, your models are really great, i am also looking for a M270, do you maybe have that one to?

Greats Jan

I am working on it still, will be published soon

Excuse me, could you release a separate version? It doesn't need to be complicated. I wish to replace it with a home made active crawler.

sorry I am don't understand what you mean