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how can i get a license for this stl

Sup mate.. I downloaded your 3d model of fungus and I am really satisfied with results.. BUT, I have one demand on you if its possible. On !Piniculafungus_shelf_extra_no_holder! - this extra STL you provided as solo mushroom is in stl format but without mounting system. Is possible from you to send me an STL with mounting system or can you send me extra STL with mounting system attached on model?

Thanks a lot.

Hey I am going to look into this probably next week, will update you :)

About "MUR D'OUTILS / RACK". Very nice design. I would like to use the same color filament. Can you tell me the color/make filament you use in yoiur photo.??

thanks :) it is polymaker polyterra PLA in muted blue and in black :)

Hi! I purchased the WALL SHELF “PINICULA FUNGUS”, it reads 'no supports'. Will that work for the cut-out part where the holder slides in on the bottom side of the fungi? Thanks for helping me out.

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yes no supports needed! this area will be bridged :)

unfortunately i can not help with that :(

Bought the moutain box (desk-paper-tray-and-organizer) . I have a SnapMaker Aartisan with 400x400 mm board. Is it possibel to get a version in full SLT ?

So uncut? i will check it out!

Oh - sorry, my poor english :) Uncut yes please.

I checket it out and i think this is a good idea! The designs needs a few adaptations. For example the bottom can be way thinner since no connectors need to fit in. i will let you know if/when this will be availabe!

Super :) I will keep an eye on this.

bonjour pouriez vous nous partager votre profile cura pour la anicubique vyper svp

Hey, malheureusement je n'ai plus le vyper anycubic. Plusieurs comonets ont échoué à plusieurs reprises et je ne peux plus le recommander. - translated with deepl

Merci quand même

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Hey, thanks! Piniculafungus_shelf_extra_no_holder.stl this is the file for the "extra" part. It is included in the file folder that you have downloaded. Scale it as you wish and you get these small extra mushrooms.

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many thanks!

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Hello. You have mad a product for SnapMaker (Box of wood and PLA), I have made the top inlay of wood with your CNC file, and i has an other tool-path than I can make with Snapmaker Luban software. Question: What software did you use to make that Inc file ??? - Thanks for super inspiration. Lennart

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Hey, I used fusion 360 for making the toolpath!

:) Thanks - I'll try that.

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Hello I was trying to print your rungus shelf but wont convert from ufp file ? wondering if you could help me out:)

Hello I was trying to print your rungus shelf but wont convert from ufp file ? wondering if you could help me out:)

Hey, what is a ufp file?

I'm don't know I'm trying to find out but it will not convert to STL or anything else . Frustrating 😞

I am not sure I completely understand. Did you already purchase a file from me and have troubles with the download? If so which file?

Hello! I have bought a few of mushroom shelf files, but did it before the magnet series came out. How would I get the magnet files as well?

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You go into your purchases and redownload them (free of course) :)

hello, i had downloaded this,and i got 2 files,A and B , but they are both the soap holder.. i didnt get the lid??? did you happen to do an update??? my email is Could you send me the stl for the lid<thankyou my name is Pamela Miller

Hey, the soap dispenser is a upcycling project and you need to use a pump that you already have! Please read the description on how it works and what pump you need. You can use a pump from a regular soap bottle. If you don't want to do that I can of course refund you the purchase :)

Oh ok. Yes i will use a pump,i just wasnt sure. My soap bottle turned out prefect i love it,so cute. Thankyou

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Hola este no es el archivo que compre avía comprado una máquina de tajtuajes

hello! There was an error in the file, I bought a tattoo machine and I downloaded a trash can

Hey that's something for the cults support. You can also request a refund if you bought the wrong design! I do not offer a tattoo machine.

Hola este no es el archivo que compre avía comprado una máquina de tajtuajes

hello! There was an error in the file, I bought a tattoo machine and I downloaded a trash can

Hi. I wanted to ask if you could share the old version of the Poolshark? I bought that one before, and see that there is a new version, which is nice but I also like the old one.

Hey, sure i can add those files to the design! Will do it over the next days :)

I added them back it!

Hola, lamentablemente no hablo español y no puedo entender la pregunta con la traducción automática. ¿Podría formularla en inglés? - translated with deepL

Bonjour, pouvez-vous me donner le diamètre des trous s'il vous plait

Bonjour, quel est le diamètre exact que tu veux connaître ? - translated with deepL

Bonjour, je diamant dû trou car j’aimerais bien savoir si ma pompe je peux la mettre dessus

le diamètre du trou est soit de 21mm, soit de 18mm dans la version plus petite - translatd with deepl

Hey Sorry for the late reply: Have you screwed it on really tight? If its leaking between the print and bottle that means there is maybe a small print inconsitency where the bottle and print touch. Sometimes the Bottles are not exacly round and there might be a slight deformation in the glass. So please screw it on tight, maybe try another bottle. If that does not help please provide me with some picture of the print. If you are so unhappy that you wish for a refund, please let me know and i will request it swiftly. I am deeply sorry in does not work as intended :(

Lol another one, i have a list of trash can designs that odly look like mine :D thanks for letting me know!

This is a authorized seller of mine :) thanks for wanting to let me know that there is somebody selling my design :) but it's all right!

I finally got around to printing the planter castle. I was amazed at the detail, and I liked the touch of draining the pot into the moat. I showed the print to a few friends and they all loved it. I increased the size 10% so it filled my full print bed and used a matte filament. I'll have to print it again in a different color. If anyone is looking for a really nice planter give this one a try.

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I printed it using the software which came with my Quidi X-Plus, I believe it is Cura based.

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Please post a photo as make! Would love to see it!

I gave it to someone and haven't printed another. I'll try to get a pic next week and post it.

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which software are you using? I’m looking for it please tell me

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I use fusion 360 and Blender :)

You've got some great designs and I really like your range of fungal shelves. Is there any way to split the STL to print the tops and rims of the mushrooms with different filament? I was thinking it'd be cool to print the stalks in white, and the tops in a different colour, or in glow in the dark filament!

Hey, cool idea! Since the top part and rim is not really flat this would be a rather complicated adventure and i am not sure if it would be printable in easy way if done seperatetely. What you can do is to use multicolor printing or paint the parts after the printing process. I noted this idea down in my list and will look into it. I cant promise anything though :)

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