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@JAKEL Hey, I'm pretty sure 7-Segments could be used as a clock but I haven't tried it myself.


I was wondering if you could make this display time, also, do you have a step-by-step guide I can follow? I'm kinda new to programming the ATMEGA. Any help would be wonderful.

Thank you! I am a noob but I think I got it imported correctly now...

@DAVE18 I have no experience with prusa slicer. Can you open it in Meshmixer and export it in another suitable format? The obj is the same model as the stl files, just assembled and in one file. More for reference or post processing then printing directly.

I bought the Westworld model but I cannot get the OBJ to load in Prusa Slicer... Do you have any suggestions?

already did that, thank you for your help

@pedrolololo Sorry to hear that. The zip files you download are not my doing. They are generated by the website. Can you please contact Cults3d and let them know about your problems?

I bought 2 files the west world host and the 7-segment display, neither of them open the zip file that was given to me after the purchase

@pedrolololo Can you be more specific? Which zip file are you referring to?

I am not able to open the provided zip to print the files

Thanks. I'll check all the linkages. I did use wire rather than nails for joining the parts, and they are loose, but it is worth double checking.

@SMUDGE42 make sure all the gears move smoothly, without any resistance. Same for the hinge arms of the segments. When a nail forms a joint/hinge it is held in place with friction fit on one part. It should move freely in the holes of the adjoining part.

I printed your 7-segment display over the weekend, and am very impressed with the level of detail and instructions. Many thanks.
In assembling a segment, the digit does not open or close completely when turning the gears, which I believe may be due to not enough 'snap' from the spring. Do you have any recommendations for fixing this?

@PRINTEELAD - I hope you'll feel you got good value for your money, even if you only print the body. Thanks for buying the design.

I like your Virtuvian Westworld Figure and I was hoping i could make it for a lamp in my room. The lamp is a ring and i was hoping to simply place the figure into the centre of it. So how much for just the body parts?

Puzzles can now be adapted to more build plate sizes using the reconfigurator page ! Woop.

Great idea! I like your work.

Hi everyone,
I just added a zip file to both The Moon Puzzle and The Earth Puzzle that contains the pieces separated into individual STL files.
This should make it very easy to print replacement parts.


I just buy your Moon puzzle, I also have the need to print them individually. There are several benefits.
1 Reduce the chance to fail, 2 User can simply print and replace the failed piece, 3 Reduce stringing problem and improve the model quality.
4 User can arrange pieces by themselves

by TS.

@LARACHAN, the pieces are arranged on a build envelope of 200x200mm. They fit easily on the build plate of your Ender 3. Are you importing the files into your slicer using mm as units?

Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. The moon puzzle consists of 240 pieces and is divided into 4 files. You need to print all of them.

I purchased the moon files and was wondering if you can send me the individual stls... it wont fit on my build plate.


Hi, i just purchased your moon puzzle. I have an Ender 3... can you send me the gcode?


Today I downloaded your Moon Puzzle. I am printing stl-1 file, do I need to print stl-2 and stl-3 files? reason I am asking stl-1 file will take me 24 hours to print.

Today I downloaded your Moon Puzzle. There are 3-stl files, I am 3D printing stl-1 file do I need to 3-D print stl-2 and stl-3 ?