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is there any chance you release the snow elf soldiers separately? I am looking for a eldar ranger proxy and your models look really cool, not a fan of the beasts in that file though. Would be awesome, thanks!

Hey Dipis! Oh yeah, I've been meaning to upload them, I'll do that tonight! Thanks for the reminder and interest :)


does the Royalcourt dark elves not come with The bases to put them on?

Hey Kupples, not with that set as I was still just using basic 25mm bases, but you can get it for free here :)

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Is this supposed to represent a leviadon, or an allopex?

Hey CGroth, sorry Cults doesn't let me see where you're commenting, what set are you referring to?

Oh shoot sorry, the atlantean whale riders are what I was referring to

np, while they don't refer to any other studios models in particular, 2 riders on a giant shark / whale does work well :)

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Hey there, I bought the Speed Demons and I really like the models. However, would you be willing to share the the presupported .lys files? Maybe it's user error, but the supports on the presupported files seem way thicker than needed and I've had alot of trouble trying to remove them without breaking parts of the models.

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Hey Sandeepxdey, thanks! Oh yeah different printers / settings can definitely affect that, the files do come with Chitubox files, which is a supporting / slicing application just like Lychee, you can download a free version on their website

Do you use Hot water trick to loosen the supports before removing them? I've found running them under hot water "once cleaned ocource" has helped a lot, really loosens them without much effort

Also make sure that your resin settings are fine tuned, it could be possible that you're over exposing the resin and bloating the supports

Definitely possible. I was hot watering, but maybe it was just the exposure. I'll give it another go. Thanks for thee quick reply! The reason I asked about Lychee was because in my experience it's easier to modify existing supports in that app compared to Chitubox, which is a bit more of a sledgehammer.

haha yeah i hear yeah, I've thought about changing to Lychee, might give it a try! Both have features that i enjoy and downsides ofcource ha np! gl! if you need a validation file, I have 3 you get download here :) They're great for checking your settings -

Hey, i bought the monstrous elves and the warrior squat. I really like your work and the minis come out great. But... it is very sad that i have to purchase the female set to get weapon-upgrades for the warriorset, and i do not see any weapon upgrades for the monstrous elves, is that right? I really want them to do some liquidation-work :-D

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Hey Hoppla! aw thanks! ahah yeah they were released in two sets on my patreon years ago so i kept them seperated, BUT I do have a free Liquifier hand here, it's sized for a Monstrosity but you can scale it down :)

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Awesome, thx!

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Arena queen 2 supported seems to be the wrong model seems to be a copy of queen 1
figure i would let you know i just scaleed down the 200 percent.

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Hey thanks Ebondy! I'll check it out and update it now

Any chance of a Cursed Elves complete collection? I'm probably going to get one or two but If the entire set was a decent price I would grab the lot.

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Hey Ozzie, sorry for the late reply, not as of yet but it's definitely something I'll look into!

First, thanks for the amazing sculpts :-)
Second, i bought and downloaded the "Cursed Warriors 02" Set (the all Female one), and the "Weapon holding Hand 02" is missing. The File is there, but it is a copy of one of the Sniper Rifles. I downloaded the files a second time, again the File was wrong.
Other than that, awesome Models. Thank you!

Hey Akspam! Aw thanks so much! And you are 100% Correct! Can't beleive no one noticed till now haha I'll update that asap, but if you don't want to redownload, what you can do is go into the chitubox file and export it from there :) Thanks again for letting me know!

Fixed and reuploaded :)

Maybe all the others were smart enough to think about exporting it from the chitubox file ;-)
Thank you very much for the quick response!

Ahaha no problem! Thanks again for letting me know :)

I already bought 1 and 3. I just don’t see a replacement for the tail. The Cronos had a shield thing and not a tail. Is there a shield option somewhere I didn’t see?

I have a Organic syphon arm in the spirit leechers kit that could work as that

Love the Collectors models for Dark Elves. Is there a file for something similar but with the non-shooty version? (Cronos) If so I would love to buy that file.

Hey Lunnoverman! AW thanks so much :) My Spirit Leechers kit would make great proxies ;)

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The parts are also compatible with my 3 Collector Kits for even more parts

For “ ALIEN SLAVES, OBJECTIVE MARKERS / TOKENS”, is there a price just for the “Grey aliens” files?

Hey Yingee, sorry I decided to keep those as a kit but If I seperate them, i'll let you know

The WARRIOR SQUAD WITH BONUS ACOLYTE / RAIDER - CURSED Elves.. Are the files and parts Split? Or is it Just the arms that are separate? I love the heads and want to print Just those

Hey Seraphius, sorry for the late reply, most of them are separated by body, head, weapon hands, both single and 2 handers and back, lots of customations available. The 2 elites + 1 captain "the capped ones" have their heads and bodies merged however.

I recently found your STL's for the "Not Dark Elves" models... INCREDIBLE!!!! I was looking at starting a Dark Eldar/Druhkari army for 40K and this is awesome... After Christmas... I think you will be getting a lot of my money.

Hey Keikan300!! Awww thanks so much :D Really happy to hear people getting to the twisted space elves :P They're such a fascinating race!

Good afternoon, please tell me. Your models are suitable for printing on FDM 3D printers

Hey Leathc, they were made for resin printers in mind but you could always try, I've seen some pretty impressive prints on fdm when the settings are fine tuned, you still might want to scale them up to account for the smaller details

in the royal court do you sell them separately?

Hey Raiden, I had tried that with the beasts, seperating them by parts but I found it just made more sense to keep them as a set

Would you, Could you provide this set in a Nude only version?
I really don't need the clothed versions, and hate to buy unneeded files.
Thank you

Is the dreaded G not hunting will you still be active for long?

these are simple dark elf space pirates, they can be used with various war and boardgames :D

Also do you have a file for Cronus?

I plan on starting to work on a spirit leacher kit next month :)

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Keep me notified!!

Can i support that project in any way?

I release them early on patreon if it interests you :)

Does this kit include all the weapons that show up in their datasheet?
I need Hexgun and Oxfactor especially.

Hey Lennartvanmaaren, which kit are you reffering to? Cults doesn't show me which you are commenting on haha if you are reffering to the CURSED WARRIORS - SET 02 - ALL FEMALE - CURSED ELVES, then yes, this kit comes with 2 riffles, 1 poison grenade launcher and 1 acid launcher

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Ok thank you! Then that is the one i need!

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Hi, is it possible to use your SPACE PIRATES - CURSED WARRIORS for a commercial use? I don't see anywhere if it is possible, and I don't want to sell it without your permission.. If it's possible, it would be great ! Thanks !

Hey SDUPLANCHER63, Yeah! I have a Merchant tier on the patreon, if you bought these here and sign up to the merchant tier on patreon, just message me and I can reimburse you for these ones ❤

Thanks! I'm going to see that this week end!

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I only suggest it because you then only have to make one body, male and female and then treat everything else as costumes and ornaments.

Do you ever go to HeroForge?

you might take a look, once you get the positional transforms you want then you just add what ever accessories you want, from clothes, to helmets, to shields weapons etc. They are totally configurable but their flaw is , you can create the .stl or get it printed but is only the total one pose in other words you dont get a series of parts it is just one total figure.

You have some of the best detailed models around, you easily compete with Warhammer and Gamesworkshop.

Once resin printers get to 6 to 8k resolution and close to injection molded parts in quality , you will easily be in a position to compete because of how good your designs are.

I think the future is a combination of what you are doing and what HeroForge does, but once the pose is created the deliverable should be pieces like you are doing not the whole completed figure, so you have the talent to exactly make it the best of all possible worlds.

What you are doing with the Elves is the right path.

Also as resolution gets higher, the parts can also dress the figure so, the base figure comes with not only various heads and weapons, etc. there will be enough detail to create armor sets , this way you dont have to make a lot of figures , as long as the one can be positioned , you can reuse it , and just focus on detailed armor, or costume details , you can then reuse the figure template for costume theme accessories.

You have the talent and the quality , if you created one prototype concept you would probably pick up the funds from Kickstarter.

If you get a chance look at Heroforge, I am able to create about 30 unique figures a day but I cannot just order them as kitbash parts.

You have to create a 6 armed figure with just say axes with the simplest form and then cut off the arms from the body to use on other figures.

Keep up the great work , you are doing an incredible job

Oh yeah! that would be pretty awesome, I'll definitely look into it. Thanks Frost!

These are great. a nice improvement would be to create a small ball on the bottom of the neck, end of arms, at knees, and where legs attached to hips and also where the upper torso attached to the pelvis....but WHY?

By creating a ball at those ends and then adding a mating hole socket where the pieces attach, then the figures can be posed in 1000's of various poses.

So far no one has created 3D printed figures with ball and sockets, if the prints were made with these pieces like this, the kitbash combinations would be infinite and instead of static figures, they could be posed in as many dynamic positions as could be imagined.

This would be a major improvement over all current 3D stl figures.

Hey FrostFire! Thanks! yeah, I'm constantly debating with myself on doing that, the problem is i've already done hundreds of weapon hands / bodies this way, which are compatible between all sets. So i'd have to remodel / resupport and retest print "which I do a lot of for each figure haha" all the weapon hands and bodies for all my files. Which would be massive undertaking but it is a great idea, maybe I can start doing that for kits moving forward, keep the hands with the hollow part so they can be used on other kits. Thanks for the feedback :D

but i've started doing that with all the heads, all the heads are posable with a wider range

Cheers man cant wait to see what you come up with

Hey Brad! Thanks man!! Yeah I was going to make a few varieties, I can definitely release those separately!

Hey Daniel, yeah I include only one sided hands, to get the opposite hand, Mirror the parts on the X axis in your slicer and bam, instant right hands :D You can also mirror the bodies to get even more varieties! Cheers