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Hello! Thanks for fixing the file and really appreciate it. Is it possible to get the unhollowed model? Or do I have to pay another for that file? Thanks

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Hello, I put "mass" inside the head, with resin printer I advise to use up to 2 mm thick. Through chitubox you can configure the thickness or fill the entire model.

I can't print the file because of hollowed STL file(squidgame_bola) . The head cracks easily. I'm using creality ldr-002r with esun pla pro resin. I hope you could send me a file in a non hollowed format.

Hi, I'll check the file, fix and send to you. Hold on .

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Hi, I fix the file, please make a download again. If you have any problem, please, let me know.

Will you be doing more Pokemon Funko?

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Yes, I'm providing a lot of stuff from series, movies, anime and games. Follow us so you don't miss the releases. Soon I will make other pokemons. =)

El archivo STL de Naruto Shipudden Funko está defectuoso, puedes subirlo nuevamente?
Cuando lo abro del programa Cura me da un error

Hello, the file should be opened in chitubox. It is working normally. Open in Chitubox and then resize, etc. Then save in the format you want.

do you have any ad icon funkos

No, only the Cults3D ones.

what ad icon models

Hello, sorry it was not clear my answer. I meant that I don't have this model, the models I have are only the ones in Cults3D.

do you have any ad icon funkos

No, only the Cults3D ones.

Hi!! I really like your work!! is there any chance you'll make the other characters from Friends?

Yes, of course, I love this series. At the moment I have only made 1 character (joey) that you can find on my list. Soon I will continue the characters of Friends. =)

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Thanks! I just bought Joey. Then I'll wait for the other characters.

Thanks a lot, I'll produce more soon =)

Hi Eliana, I made a model of Chandler Bing with the bunny costume, It's already on Cults3D.

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Thank you!!! :) I will wait for the others

Hi Eliana, I made the Ross Geller with potato costume. With time I make all the models of friends. I hope you enjoy. =)

Thanks!!! :)

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I'll produce more models about Friends, I'll let you know. =)

Eiii you are the best!!!!! by chance you did not make ralf james?

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Hello, thanks. Would the character be Ralf Jones of KOF? I'm basing it on making more characters from SNK, Capcom at the moment. Soon I'll be posting other new characters, follow us and keep an eye out. =)

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Great, I'm in dire need of Ralf Jones! Is there a possibility that you will? Thanks in advance! I follow you I love the funkos you do!

Sure, thanks I hope make in some days.

Oh!! You are the best!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS

Hi, the Ralf Jones model is now available. Thanks.

Hi I recently bought DOLLYNHO DOLLY - FUNKO POP and I love and would to like to thank you very much.

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Thanks for the message, I'm glad to hear you liked it. It's comments like yours that encourage me to always do more. Nice to know also that Dollynho is known in the USA. Thanks.

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Hi there I've bought, ALINA - SHADOW AND BONE NETFLIX SERIE - FUNKO POP. And it won't open. I've tried it in 2 different software.

Please use the Chitubox software

Hi, I bought the Sweet tooth model a few days ago and its impossible to print it with Cura, it says there is an error on the model.
I have a filament printer so Chitubox is not a solution for me.

hello, try opening it in chitubox, prepare the model, scale it, and then save it in the format you want. After that try to open the program you want. I don't use Cura and I don't know how to set it up on this system. As described in the ad, I only use it on Chitubox. I hope that this way I can solve it.

Sorry, it makes no difference, I still can't print it :(
Can you send me the original file?, before converting it to an .stl

Hi, I cannot upload or send the original file. The file has been tested and is working perfectly. In the Cults3D I put the printed photo of the file, already done printed in 3D. Search the internet to understand how to print using chitubox or some tutorial.

Hola hice la compra del archivo scorpion pero no logro abrirlo, ya intente en dos computadoras y si vienen el archivo pero me dice que esta vació, me puedes ayudar con eso, es la primera vez que me pasa esto.

Hola, usa el programa Chitubox para abrir el archivo.

Hi there I bought ALINA - SHADOW AND BONE, and for some reason anycubic and chitu programs won't bring it up for printing. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks

Hello, when opening the STL file in Chitubox does it show an error? any message? Usually a warning appears in the lower left corner asking if you want to set the file size to the maximum allowed. Put yes. Then you can click Scale and place the measurement you want to print. Only that. You can also make the piece hollow by leaving a minimum of 2mm thick. And don't forget to place print supports and if you prefer, depending on your printer model, place the piece with a slight inclination.

Also check if you are using a current version of the Chitubox program, I believe the last version released so far is V1.8.0. I just put an image on Alina's link showing the file opening correctly and normally in the Chitubox program. I did the tests here and everything is working perfectly.

Hey, i bought this stl file, and i cant open it on Ultimaker Cura. I dont know why, but it's scaled to 10000%. When i slice it, the program does not respond. Thanks.

Hi, please try open on Chitubox. The file works, you can resize the file on Chitubox too. The Chitubox is a free program. Any questions, please let me know.

Hi Mellix, yes, I can make custom templates, contact me through my instagram @deslimjim or send me an email at Thank you.

Hi Dierk_The_Animal I only have the entire Shaknado file, you can separate the parts by Windows 3D Builder program.

Hello, are you doing some custom pop stl models ? Thank you ^^


Hast du vielleicht vom Sharknado stl die einzelteile? Würde ihn gerne kaufen aber als komplett figur möchte ich ihn ungerne drucken da ich das komplette wasser und den hai einzeln drucken möchte? Ginge das?

Thanks a lot =)

Hey! Nice models!