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Hi Calaverd! Any plans to create Valkyrie STLs? The beer pigs look awesome and think your sculpt style will match up with the old GW Norse team really well!

Hello there. Love your models. I just purchased (and downloaded) the Star Player #11 - Nordic Cheerleader. The model with supports opens fine, but the two others (with and without base) won't open in resin slicer. If I open them in Cura, they show up with strange objects around them...almost as if the file was corrupt. I have a screen shot I could share, but I don't see a way to do it on here. Is this a reported issue with this model? Thank you for your reply.

I'll check it right now and reupload the files. thanks for the warning

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fixed up

Hello! you can write us and give us details of your proposal.

hello, i bought your chaos demon starplayer, is it possible to get a merged version of the file, i dont want to print the model in parts

No problem.
I'll upload it right away

they are already uploaded

Hello, do you have more 15 mm teams for the Mini Blood Bowl Board?

Hello, I've download the Blood Bowl Christmas team
I missed duende 2 and duende 4 (with and without bases)
Can you send them to me?

Hello, I will review the files and fix it as soon as possible

I have already checked the files in cults3d, it seems that everything is fine.
you can download them again with your cults account

Sorry, I have download again, but there is no duende 2 and 4
I think I must download the same files (the ones I've paid)
I don't know how to download the new files
Can you send me the files or a link with the files I need?

I have reviewed and summarized the files again, anyway if you send me your email to "" I will send you the files

Hello, I bought the SNOTLING WAR MACHINE Nº2,but the download did not seem to come with the two running snotlings pictured on the top of the barrel in the renders here: They're great models... I bought the package mostly for them! Is there someplace I can download them? Thanks.

I am looking at the files and the 4 runners appear, I have re-uploaded them in a zip

Got them! Thanks for the quick response. I apologize... think they were always there. I thought the "SUP" file were supported, not different from the others! Stupid me! Thanks again though!

Hi What has changed please in the latest release?

I am refering to the halfling team

we have changed many of the faces to make it more varied, the 4 with tupe is much more defined and the sideburns are different from each one, we have widened some parts so that they are not so small and easier to paint and some so that they are more resistant, we have remade the helmets so that the details stand out more, we have also defined the meshes of the designs and verified so that they do not give problems with the printing programs

Hello, I was curious if you were going to put your halfling on a ram up to purchase here on cults?

Hello, I bought the Updated Chaos Dwarfs, but now I wonder... which scale is the team?
Are the model 28mm scale as the old blood bowl mini?

Sorry, I'm new to mini printing. How would you recommend to scale them so they match other modern blood bowl minis?
Should I just used the no base version and scale it up to 114.3%?
I read in a previous comment about an update to 32mm scale for the norse team...


Version 2 is at 32mm you don't need to scale it

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Perfect! Thanks

Sorry, one last question. Of the thee dwarfs with a pointed hat and a skull on top, one of them has a thicker tip and a bigger skull than the other two. Is it intentional? Would it be possible to make the skulls the same size? OCD...
I personally like the bigger skull, it balances the model nicely, but any solution works.

ok i'm on it

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I just noticed the hobgoblin 4 is missing in NO BASE version

everything is already revised and re-uploaded

Thank you

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Thank you very much. I'll keep an eye on your patreon for future teams

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cults copyright:

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Does "CHAOS DWARF UPGRADED BB" come pre-supported?

Hello, I'm interested in your chaos dwarf team... other than the minotaur and an additional hobgoblin pose, are there other differences between the original and the updated team?

We have retouched all the models, we have given them more definition and added more details.

I've added some pictures so you can compare the two versions.


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Thank you!

Hi there, your mini blood bowl board looks awesome! Do you have the measurements for the individual panels? Thanks.

It is printed on an Ender 3 that has a 23x23cm bed.(9x9 inches)

the areas of the benches each piece measures 14x9cm ( 5,5 x 3,5 inches)
and the parts of the field 13x14cm (5,1 x 5,5 inches)

Hi! Love your Wild West Goblin Blood Bowl team. I'm getting it printed right away.

I'm wondering how much it costs for you to develop a team. I've been searching for a mad scientist Skaven team, but I can't find one.


thank you
We are now working on a team of lab rats (rats that have been experimented on)
we'll have it in a month or two,
But I don't know if that's what you're looking for.
If you want a custom team it could be done.

You can contact at ""
and you can tell us what you have in mind.


Sounds awesome!

Hi, I'm having trouble printing the Western themed goblin team on my anycubic photon mono 4k - has anyone else printed them?

Are the halfling team pre-supported for resin printer (or do they not need supports)?

they not pre mate but auto supports from software worked fine for me

Thanks - I might give it a go, only got my printer this week! Do you use chitubox? Did you print on an angle?

I use prusaslicer for the supports, it does them well automatically and then I put it where it is flatter or in case the piece is going to weigh a lot I add more supports in the lower parts where they can best be removed and then I pass it to the printer slicer .
Without base I usually give 45º to the models with their back towards the base so that they do not make supports on the face or in the places with more detail

Hey mate just brought the Norse team and printed them out they are well out of scale for bloodbowl ...tried rescaling them in slicing software no luck any chance u can help me scale them to 32mm base so body size follow that ?

Hello I have added the 32mm version of the Norse equipment without base

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ty mate appriate it got a few people wanting your models now;)

I bought your team off of cgtrder a couple of days ago and have just come across them on cults. The team looks different. Is it possible you can send me the updated files as the files on cgrader dont seem as good as the ones here?

hello, can you tell me which OpenLOCK merciused
thank you

I'm a fan of your Models.

I just bought Kaos and Norse.

And I think Dark Elves and Elf Union will follow, in the future.

Now I see you've updated Chaos. For me one of the minotaurs is interesting. So I want to ask, if it's possible to sell them seperatly, like the treemen.


I have already uploaded the three minotaurs by standing in case you are interested in any.

Hello, I just bought 3 teams from you (KO dwarfs, snotling and elves), but I can't find the Elves without the bases, even if you included 2 free bases. Would it be possible to get them ? I love to do custom bases. Chhers !

Sorry for the delay, the pro elves without bases are already added.

Thank you and happy new year

tienes q ser canario, me juego el cuello!!

i bought your bb team of chaos dwarfs but their seams to be a problem with the 3d models i have tried to fix them in Lychee but without any results it says their is structural issues and when i print them they come out all disformed and so on i even tested to fix them in netfabb and are trying to print one of their fixes i hope it will work this time , but could you pleas take a look at them it would be much appreciated

by the way I'm using Anycubic photon mono as a printer.

ok, I will review them, I have printed them with photon workshop and they have not given me any problems, thanks for warning, I get to it.

you can send me a screenshot of the problem?

the print came out awesome so right now I'm repairing them all in Netfabb and hopefully that will solve everything

Anyway, I will check and update the files so that I do not have any more problems.

nope dident work this hapend last time too

I printed with the base directly on the pad plate on the outside, it takes a while to remove but they look better.


Giving them a few more seconds of exposure could solve the problem of the bases, because the parts so smooth at 45º give problems and deform.
If they give you a lot of trouble, I would print them without base.
I print the bases separately in PLA or I print them separately if they are very complicated pieces but always directly to the plate so that it is not certain that they do not deform.

I will add to the team a file with the two types of bases in case you want to download it.

much appreciated you have been really helpful and your models looks really good please keep up the good work :)

Un nosferatu tiene un error, le sale una especie de línea por detrás hasta el suelo. Podrían corregirlo?

Los volvi a subir hace poco y tubo que haber algun problema en el archivo, No te preocupes, mañana lo tendremos arreglado, gracias por avisarnos

hola he estado revisando los archivos y no he visto lo que me comentas, ¿
en que figura es?

En el vampiro 2 sin base.

con que programa ves el archivo asi?

he vuelto a pasar el modelo por el programa, lo he testeado y lo he vuelto a subir al zip a ver si ahora te funciona bien

Gracias, ya sale bien. Era al pasarlo al chitubox y en la previsualizacion de windows. En ambos casos salia esa linea. Gracias por la rapidez.