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Hi, do you have a second 3D MODELS INDIAN facing the opposite direction? (One for each side of a motorcycle)

Is it possible to either clean up a graphic to use as a high res.2d graphic or ideally as a 3D .stl file? If so can I have an email address to send it to you?

an you help me< I need to turn a 2d image into a 3d.stl file image to bas relief carve on a CnC machine

I am having trouble uploading the set of tikis. Each time I try and import, I get an error message invalid or corrupt file. I use a carvewright system. The two single tikis I download imported fine. I cant get any in the set though.

Hi, I love your work. Do you do custom work? Or could I buy one of your models permanently for my business use?


please look again i have added a second file for 3d printer
thank you


i just bought your "3D MODELS COAT OF ARMS" and when i load it into Simplify3d the model is not showing correct so i can't print it.

Could you please help me?

i think the price its little
have a good day

hey is there anyway that I can get your ace of spades for a cheaper price plz cause I'm broke af and rly want to print as a Christmas present for a friend who loves cards and cuz its a rly nice design.

thx hope u hav a nice day