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Hello Friend!
I have an Alexa 4th generation, but I need to make sure, that your model will work perfectly!
Can you help me please?

You have the Echo Dot 4 file(equipment)?


I was wondering if you could upload the Echo Dot 4th Gen Star Wars as one whole piece so I can print on my resin printer please would make it alot easier :)

Hey Wes,

I love your 4th gen echo dot designs. I would like to start selling this in the UK. Would you like to arrange a commission deal for every part sold?

Please email privately on



Hello 'CUE1049', yes - 'Body v2' has been uploaded. Enjoy and happy 3D printing! - Wes

Hello, the files ROBOT X - AMAZON ECHO DOT (4TH GEN), already updated?

Hi :) i would just like to ask i can sell the low poly astroboy figurine im from the philippines a third world contry hope its okay :( ill be just selling it once for my brothers collection. Hope its also fine if i can ask for tipa in doing low poly 3D thank you so much

Hey, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hello @MARPROZ_3D,
It’s been several years since I created my Cults3D account so I don’t recall I setup my Instagram link. I believe it was an option during the account creation process.

I just clicked on the link and it took me to another Instagram account ‘biglildesign’. It seems someone has claimed the Instagram handle since I abandoned it a while back.



Hey, great models especially the marvel heroes!
But the most fascinating is your Bio.
How did you achieve it that Instagram in the Sentence "Follow me on*Instagram*"
Is a working Link?

Bonjour j'aimerais savoir si l'on a le droit de vendre vos produits une fois imprimé . cordialement

I would like to know if you can make other low poly super heroes, like Flash, Winder Woman, Iron Man, etc...
Thank you in advance.

Hello what is the best way to contact you? Do you have an email address.

I bought "low-poly-mazinger-z-v220180411-12377-pp8wsz" on Jan. 2019. BUt I can't find stl file amed "chest". Please send me the chest.stl to Thank you.

Hello I would like to ask if you could help me to make the hulk a paper craft design. Please!

Hola, se mira muy bien tu diseño, estoy interesado en los imane que mencionas en la descripción, ¿aún tienes disponible para venta?.
Saludos desde Toluca, México