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16 commentarios

Can you do legion damned sculpts?

The link to your runesforge patreon doesnt work

Hello yes we have changed to name :)


absolutely great models, but I saw that the ROBOT DROIDTEX are not pre-supported, which is a shame because you offer many other models pre-supported 😕

With 60 individual parts, a lot of effort for me!

do you plan to offer the models with pre supports?

Then I would buy it right away!

Best regards

These specific models will not be presupported but I will make an update version of the droid which will look better and be supported :)

bodyhead file has an error

Any plans to take another stab at the version one of the Armored Knight Heads? The file size on the set of 5 heads will literally bog down chitubox when I try to load them up to support and slice.

Yes I will update them for sure as these were models I made when I just started I didn't know what I was doing I will tone down the file size

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Are the royal guard heads intended to be used for Space Marines? Or to go along with your AdMech-esque models?

It works for both! :)

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The robots look fantastic. Really excellent work. I was sort of disappointed they weren't offered for sale on runesforge as well.

I have a question; are these supported?

Hey thank you! The robots were prior made to Runesforge creation and are not supported :) I will in the future make an updated version that will be on Runesforge as well as being supported but thats later down the line

Hey man, firstly can I say you do awesome work, really cool designs.
I thought you'd like to know I think I found a small error with your Red Riding Hood (marshal). There is a section of piping underneath the backpack that is hollow and (if what my slicer is telling me is right) is unprintable.
But still, amazing stuff, I gotta go make your Ork Marine now or my friend is gonna krump me.

love seeing how you and your brother's creations keep developing! really hoping you'll make some more mechanicum looking stuff like those droids ^_^

Thank you so much! EBOLA0

damn bud, found your cults page via a certain chat channel that's kinda conflict'ish discordant thingy, love everything you've made and bought up the paid and dl'd everything else! The mecha'ish bots are amazing and the skull thingies are great as well and work fantastic for the dark mech corrupted kill team and the loyalists too, for both the old heretic era and the modern ^_^

can't wait to see where your creativity goes in the future, will keep tabs on your future projects for sure and am very happy to help support you absolutely to help you create more!

Thank you for the feedbad! I will make sure to fix this issue

Hello, Just finished up printing the Last Knight. Amazing model with amazing detail... The only thing I wanted to point out is that the chains on the torso and the sword are not connected to each other. So when printing, thank go that I has amazing printer settings. I was able to print them.... But to support them it was a pain to remove without breaking a link or two. Just wanted to let you know if you need to make changes for 3d printing. Again thank you for the mazing model.

Hey I currently do not but they are scaled to fit, I will post some pictures in the near future on my instagram @artiiicus :)

Hey, really liking your Armored knight heads! Do you have any pictorial examples of these on Primaris marines please?