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Hi, I saw you Underworlds holder and covers and I'm really interested, would be possible to do a version without room for cards? I like to store those in binders and that would be a waste of space and filament for me

Hi, I downloaded the Shadespire holders collection but a lot of pieces look to be missing - almost all warbands only have either the cover or holder:

Ohh sorry about that, they are now added!

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Perfect, thank you for responding so quickly!

Hi, the cover seems to be missing from the download. The holder and calibration tool are there but no cover. Thank you for doing all these, I have bought all of them so far.

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The Gnarlspirit Pack is missing the .stl for the cover.

Now corrected, thanks.

Just getting back into WU and I saw your nameplates. Will you be making plates for the Nethermaze warbands? I saw the carriers for them.

Hi, I have not planned to do that.
I have not done any in the last 2 seasons.
But I will notify you If I will start making them again.

Hi I had uploaded them... but due to that they hade the word "warhammer" in them they got stuck in security :/
But now they are released! :D

thank you so much Anders, happy to donate cause i love your designs

Thanks! Always nice to hear! :D

Hi! Im looking for the holders for The Sons of Velmorn and Gnarlspirit pack, do you uploaded them yet?

Hi I had uploaded them... but due to that they hade the word "warhammer" in them they got stuck in security :/
But now they are released! :D

does the warhammer underworlds dice tower require supports?

Nope, Almost all of my designs are support free :D

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Hi Anders, I just wanted to let you know that the cover for the Gorechosen of Dromm is 5mm taller than the holder. The cover does not seal down on top of the card slots in the holder. I printed them at the default sizes so that is not the problem.

Also, have you considered going back to the older covers and adding the card slot covers?

Sorry mate, I have looked into it and it seems to be a due to a sync problem between my computers :/
I have uploaded the right design now.
Thanks for letting me know!

I have not thought about going back to the old design since there were quite alot of request to integrate it :/
You ca alway slice it of in most slicers.
Any special reason to remove it?
(it was added due to that many traveled with the holder in their bag/backpack and needed something to seal, so the cards could not get lost)

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Hey these are really cool,zny chance I can get a blank version to emboss my own names? Happy to donate

Hi, no need. you can find them on Thingiverse:

Hello! I can't seem to find the Dread Pageant on your profile. I saw an image of it on your Thingiverse but it's only for the calibration tool. Is it missing or am I blind.

I also saw it in your Direchasm collection too.

Hrothgorn Mantrappers seem to be missing too

Hmm really weired since I make them on thingiverse and they get autmaticly imported to Cults. Then I edit them to a listing.
Any way keep me noted if there is any more you are missing. All should be done in some way :)
I have done dread now:

Kind regards Anders

Awesome! Thanks :D

Hi! Your holder/cover designs look very interesting, and I just paid for the "Chosen Axes" set. But when I downloaded it and unzipped the file, only the cover was there; I think you may have forgotten to include the holder in the zip file! Can you please let me know how to get the holder portion so I can print the complete set? Thanks!!

Hi, weired since when I go in to edit then there is both the holder and cover. Please check and download again.

Kind regards Anders

Anders, thanks for the quick response! I tried downloading again, but have the same problem. The zip file that downloads is titled "" But within the zip file, in the "files" folder, there is only a single .stl file - "THE_CHOSEN_AXES_cover.stl", uncompressed size 219KB. I've opened "THE_CHOSEN_AXES_cover.stl" and confirm it is only the cover.

Hi, I had no problem downloading the two files in edit mode that has been there the entire time. But I added a ZIP and hopefully you can get it from that :D

Hey there!
Do you have, or intend to do, also the Van Saar weapons, like your previous sets for Escher and Delaque weapons?

Really looking forward to those!

Sorry, I am not planning on that since they allready exist here for a few bucks. I can recommend them!

Yeah, I was already planning on them!
Was looking for the more exotic ones like the flamers and so on
Thanks anyway!

😄 yeah that would defenetly fall under exotic in a van Saar gang!

Cheers bud! I'll give it a go and see how it works out! Thanks again!

I use Inventor but it is a licensed program so it is quite expensive (CAD-software for work).
But I have heard of some people using tinkercad and so on with these.

Another question quickly, what program do you use for adding your text? I can add text but can't get it to follow the gradient of the plate correctly

Your welcome, enjoy! :D

Thanks for the links! You're a star!

Hi, yes I have several sets on thingiverse but some how they did not convert over to Cults.

My general site on Thingiverse for other goodies:

Hey bud, love the stuff you've designed! Wondering if you could help me out, I'm looking for blank name plates I can add names to myself in a variety of base sizes. Would you happen to have anything like that or know where I could find them? Cheers!

Hi, do not understand. Can you write in english?

hola, quisera una cajita para gurdar minis pero de preferencia fuese universal maximo 4 personajes sin nombre en la tapa maneas algo asi ? gracias

Maybe how many namds and what size are the bases.
Can you give some examples on their names?

are u able to make name tags for all the primarch?