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Hey Mike!

I think you are asking mainly about the screw and post pairs of which 3 are used per finger. The sizes are called out in the manual under General Instructions - Hints.
The Posts are 5mm in diameter and 16mm in length.
I see mention of M2 screws in your message, there are M2 screws of a few different lengths used and called out in the different sections. I used full threaded screws for those.
The only screw and post combo or pair is the 5mm diameter and 16mm length. Here is what they look like for example

Let me know via the email listed on page 45 if you have any more questions you want to discuss in detail.

Have fun! :)

Hey! I’m almost done printing all of the files for the robotic hand, but I’m not sure what size screw and post pairs are needed? It lists them in the hardware, but I didn’t see the sizes for them. I assume you used M2 size screw/posts, but wasn’t sure what thread lengths you used.

Thank you again!