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21 commentarios

hi mate, do you have any dark angel files for sale :)

Is the rest of this squad available for stl sale?

Are the Terminators behind your Canine Lord available to download?

Are the Terminators behind your Canine Lord available to download?

i am looking for the stl of the chick with the wings in the 5th pic of the MIRIAEL SABATHIEL - PRIMORDIAL COVEN can you help me find her? thanks

this is a great job!
can you do a Thundeer Warriior Spaace Maarine Maark 1 in multiparts files? pliiiis! :D

your 40k roman very cool

but i will give this guys a another head

do you have this guy without the heady ? or somthing in this why? :)

Hi, I just want to thank you for providing such amazing files for us to download and use. So thank you for that. However, I have a question about a few of the files. I had downloaded few of your projects and had noticed that some of the chaos marines shoulder pads, helmets, and a few various other components were rendering in almost all my slicers as being low poly with the vertices very pronounced. I had tried opening the object file to see if some sort of subdivision surface modifier wasn't applied during export to .stl and was still unable to correct the models for printing. I was wondering if there was anyway to get a fix for this? I'll follow up with exactly which models are affected when I get a chance

Hello ThatEvilOne,

First I must say that you're really amazing in your modeling skills, congratulations for real! I'm a huge fan from the Emperor's Children and here in Brazil (more specific in Salvador, Bahia) we have a small community in our city. I'm the pinky army man and I'm using some of your models, the dollar currency here is really expensive but I would like to give you some support for the great work that you're doing. Could you please announce this pack ( on cults3d? I'm gonna honour the prince and support an Emperor's Children artist! 

By the way, my name is Mateus.

Hey! Do you have an updated zip file that includes the backpacks for the "Things are going to get loud now" guys? It seems like only one of the set has a "Detailed" Backpack? Thanks! I also love the Lunar aux guys you released on kickstarter, glad i backed it!

hey fella, I've got your palantine models but they are as a whole model. I am after just the heads and can't see that you have put them up anywhere. I would be willing to buy them if you put them up to save me having to hack the ones you've made up.


Nick Masetti.

Hi, the STORM TROOPETTE SARGENT is awesome but where can I get the rest of the squad I couldn't see it on your patron

Also do you have the heads with the gas masks?

Just wondering if you could bring you "Crew Served Weapons - Pax through Firepower" models here to Cults as they are unfortunately 404'ing on Thingiverse.

Thanks for producing some awesome looking STL files!

i cant download your dragoons for some reason. cults is giving me a forbidden message about them

You wouldn't happen to have a copy or stl of the new ragnar blackmane primaris model? If so please hook me up with it. Thanks

Hi I've downloaded your canine wolf lord roofus and seem to be unable to find the retinue that comes with it the link on the page for them takes me to your patroen page but I couldn't find a link to buying the models there. Is there a link i can use to purchase them please?

Hey, downloaded the Lemon Roose. Curious where the turret weapons are as I have not seen them on here.

it looks like there is only 2 silver paladins, how do we buy the other 5 in the photos?

Dear sir,
i would love it if it would it be possible for you to design a multi part cataphractii terminators

Dear Sir,

Would it be possible to do heavy weapons for your Contemptor dreadnought ? Is your model made to be printable in big scale (1/16) ?
Thank you.


Hey! I love your designs. Truely amazing stuff. One small comment if I may, the files are unprintable on my resin printer. I have many fails and I think it is because of the designs not being solid objects. Would it be possible to combine all the objects in your figure and make them one entire design? That would massively improve in print. Kind regards,