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Hello! I recently bought and printed your model and absolutely love it. My question for you, is should Cause be slightly off center when sitting on the base?

Hi, which model are you enquiring about?

My apologies, the Cayde-6 bust.

The head should roughly line up with the middle of the base as it does in the photographs. He is turning his head and the body is also turning so it won't be 100% square with the base.

If you are still doing commissions, I need something created to support my horror card game. I can send you a link to the image for a quote if you are interested.


Your Legion model is fantastic! With Stargrave now out you should create some scifi ship crews! could be something rather lucrative ;)

Does the Cthulhu figure include the base shown in the pictures? If not, is it available separately?


I'm just setting out into the world of both learning to sculpt and selling 3d printables and i'm really in love with your work. In particular, I've been leaning heavily into Stargrave - stocking minis on my store that fit it well, and with plans to design my own stuff for it.

I was wondering if you offer commercial resale licensing for your designs? I'm particularly interested in selling prints of "The Gambler" and "Legion" sculpts, since I think these are both beautiful choices for Stargrave.

Either way, I absolutely love your work and look forward to seeing more.


I purchased your Hogwarts owl lectern. Could you perchance tell me approximately how many 1KG spools of filament you went through with this project????
Thank you!

Hi, the lectern was split to fit on a Prusa MK3, build volume 21x21x25. Looks like the Ender is slightly bigger so you should be fine.

Hogwarts Owl Lectern. Hi, I'm interested in buying that file. What are the dimensions for the very bottom of the base. I want to make sure they will fit on my Ender 5.


I would like to ask permission to sell a printed version of your work that I already bought. I designed a custom mission for Zombicide (board game) and I used your Wight of Groaning Tor for an horror themed scenario.

Thank you in advance,