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Hello, What are the dimensions on the biggest piece of the "NOT SO BIG TANK CONSTRUCTOR"? I would like to see if it is possible for me to print this on my printer. Thanks.

Dude... your Banebl -er "Scourge Cutlass" is a level of awesome heretofore unwitnessed by man. I can't explain how grateful I am - I printed this and am constantly using it as a testbed model for camo schemes and patterns, and for things like weathering techniques. Having something like that to work with for such practice without spending $120+ on a model is AMAZING. Thank you so much!

My talents when it comes to 3D modelling are... lacking, to say the least. But I'm working on it. Given your clearly superior skill and the fact that you've likely kept the source files you were working with, would you consider making a Stormblade model? I'm anxious to work on plasma effects for the plasma blastgun before painting my Warhound arm (which has sat in a box for a couple years now :/ )

If you made a Stormblade -um... "Squall Epee"? I would be even moreso in your debt. Regardless, love your work man!

is the castellan pre supported

Hey, wanted to congratulate you on such an awesome Fellblade proxie! I only have one quelm with it, the very front of it's side skirts (near the front ofits tracks) needs to be a little bit longer, and hence, more "pointy" (I'd appreciate if you update this!). But other than that, I have looked at pictures of yours and other fellblades and there are no other visible abnormalities!

Hey i hope you doing well,
If you need another project to add to the pile, it would be cool if you make the space marine Astraeus super heavy tank. But other than that hope you are doing well and i hope to see more projects!
best of luck!

Hey i hope you doing well,
If you need another project to add to the pile, it would be cool if you make the space marine Astraeus super heavy tank. But other than that hope you are doing well and i hope to see more projects!
best of luck!


Any plans for the Stormfang/Stormwolf?

Hello was wondering if you had a Sun Auxillary Xorua the thing that is their Rhino equivalent? Thanks for your work!

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Hope you're doing okay, haven't seen anything new in months. For some reason think you're from Russia or Ukraine.

Hi there! Thanks for all of your work. I've purchased a great deal of your stl files and put them to good use.

I don't suppose you do commission work do you?

Hello, Love your work will definitely keep coming back here for the great stls
Do you have any plans on making a long range artilery piece like a basilisk?
Many thanks!

Do you mind creating batch files for your lord-of-war-sized vehicles? The scale makes it difficult to make sure you have the right parts. I do understand that making the models is hard enough and that my request might be a bit unreasonable.

Heyo i reccently got your triton, i was wondering if you will be updating it with the command version at some point. also i was wondering if you will be making a Griffon

Also i was wondering if you plan on doing a Atlas, i'd pay for both the griffon and atlas

Hi I bought your Corsia knight body and upgrade 1 is there any chance your gonna make an upgrade for a flamethrower and chainsaw arms?

do you know if it is in scale?

Hey Solutionlesn
I was wondering if, with the upcoming changes to the imperial gaurd line, if you'd be willing to do the old cadian kits up for 3d printing or is that no on the table for now?
thank you Athlon

there are no fuel barrels in the Fierce Cutlass files? did I miss something?

Hello, do you have any plans to make catachan infantry? The current GW models are pewter and frankly suck

Hi, any plans for an 'old empire shark tank' aka Carnodon or an 'old empire cattle transport' aka Aurox, at some point? Anyways, keep up the fantastic work your models are amazing.

Check codwalrus's stl

It was removed a few months back

ho, very sad... mb

Hi, great works you have got here, and I bought like 13 items from your collections :) one question though, and sorry being a nob, may I ask why sometimes there seems to be duplicate of files, behind the zip from the original zip I mean, is one of them more update? thank you, you rock!

Hello, do you have any STL's for infantry backpacks?

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Hi, looking to buy your Mommoth and Roar Eagle Kits, can i please ask how many files are in each.


could you do this as Print at 30% for approximately tabletop scale. already and also do a pre-surported version of this size too so know it will print


Hellos! Just picked up the new Corsica kit and it is beautiful! What should we do about heads and weapons though, will those be forthcoming kits? Thank you and please keep up terrific work.

Hello. Head, weapon and shoulder pads will be as upgrade kits.

I know there some stuff going on and you might not want to put new stuff out there, but how about a Salamander command vehicle?

Please consider making the solar aux artillery vehicles. I think you’re most of the way there with the bombard anyhow! Cheers

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