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Hi! I really like your models! Thank you for this work. Have plane to make repulsors copy by wia bits?

HI there, bought your excellent Dirk Jetbike and was just wondering if you have a version of the main body without the aquilla at the front? I tried to remove it myself but I am a total noob at all this and I cant seem to do it properly. Thanks for your great designs mate!

Wanted to say I'm loving your designs. I bought the minotaur, and now just found the baneblade and gorgon. Have you ever though about doing the mastodon? I know I would buy that in a heart beat as well. Again, awesome designs!

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Will you be having a Black Friday sale this year?

Hallo besteht die Möglichkeit eine Lizenz zum Verkauf der gedruckten Miniaturen zu erhalten ? Als Beteiligung eine Provision ? Liebe Grüße

Any chance of going back and adding cockpits for your previous models?

I've now bought all your vehicle models. Make more.

Hallo, ich finde ihre Modelle sehr schön und wüste gerne mit welchem Programm sie gearbeitet haben. Vielleicht mach ich ja auch eines Tages so schöne Modelle wie Sie. :-)
Hello, I think your models are very beautiful and I would like to know which program you have worked with. Maybe one day I'll make beautiful models like you. :-)

Hello. I work in Russian CAD Kompas3D.

Hello, do you do commision work? I have many of your files and love your attention to detail. Happy to discuss more privetly

Hello. I don't do commission work.

Hello I'm looking for an impulsor file and my buddy told me to ask you if you have one

Hi. Does the BLAST SCIMMER come with the drivers/crew?

Hello. No it don't.

Hi. Is the top of the Impulse Rhinoceros (where MG, shield, missile pod goes) removeable, or is it one piece?

Hello. It's separate part.

Hello! I have the "Fierce Cutlass" files and purchased the "Backsword Volkite Carronade" file, but the Volkite Carronade is not compatible with the "Main turret" from the Fierce Cutlass file set. Is there a file missing somewhere? Great stuff otherwise, looking forward to printing/posting.

Hello. Try to search in

Nevermind! Found the nested .zip file.

Hi! I wondered if you'd be willing to share just the hover track (or whatever they are) for your Impulsor proxy? I lost a couple of the bits for one of mine, and I just want to print some replacements for them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Solutionlesn, is it possible to commission a design of a Colossus Bombard?

Hey man - I purchased the super-heavy-tank-construction-set... do you have any instructions for the base and variants?

Sorry to bother you. But any chance you have assembly instructions for you scourge cutlass? Thanks. and great looking model by the way

On some of your tank files e.g. 4th planet battle tank, you have areas in green, do these green areas come in the files or do l need to get those files separate.

Hello. Grey parts from the upgrade kit, green parts from base model (link in the description).

So l need to download both?

I have made a rescaled version of your Taurus / Taurus venator to be used in Adeptus Titanicus / Epic 40,000.
Somebody who makes appropriately sized Elysians would like to release it alongside their work. Is this possible?

Here are some examples:

Also, please consider making the vulture gunship!

Yes, it is possible if there is attribution.

Vulturе is on the list.

Fantastic, thanks so much!
And great news on the Vulture, when it’s out I’ll buy it in a heartbeat

Hi there, I was wondering if the roar eagle is cut up enough to be printed on an elegoo saturn?

I have the same printer, looks like everything fits comfortably.

It has been cut for smaller elegoo mars or anicubic photon printers, so it will fit.

Hi, i wanted to ask for your permission to offer this model in my printing services, I'm from Mexico, my customer handed me the file (he paid for it). but more people are asking me for the same model. Please contact me to know your answer.

Sorry if my message sounds to aggressive or inappropriate, i don't handle English very well.

Hey Solutionlesn, i bought the roar eagle. Is there a part list what i have to print how often and what has to be mirrored?

Would appriciate help.


Is it scaled right?

Hello. Yes it's scaled right. Added list of parts to print: Roar_eagle_part_to_print.txt

Hey Solutionlesn, do you have any plans to tackle the Thunderbolt? The few models I could find are pretty low poly, and there's a big fan codex for Elyisans dropping - could be a good time to put one together or talk to the community about it.

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Hello.I'll think about it.

a few people on a fb page are offering your model to print claiming they are a printing service....

Hello. I do not work with printing services.

The Tanks and APC's for the Guards, do the weapons come printed as part of the hull or are you able to print the weapons separately and maganatize? Thanks for your answer :D

Hello. Most of weapon options are printed separately and can hard fit in its mounts, so you can try to magnetize it.

Hey man, really like the heavy weapons teams! By any chance do you have, or could you cut up, an STL with just the grips?