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43 commentarios

Is there by any chance you can do Mortarion?

do you have a file of your Black Marauder assemebled to print by chance?

Pardon my stupid but where can I find the chaos guitar ogre model? Great sculpt.

Thank you so much for all the things you created, much love!

Question, Have you ever thought about doing a Thunderbolt or Vendetta?

Hi Sebtheis

i've been working with your glorious hawk boy model (scaled to 85%) to try and make a nice sanguinor (i will be printing one at full size too) and have run into a little trouble. I'm trying to use this jump pack instead of the wings ( and there is a large gap between the torso and jump pack.

i've tried importing the torso into blender so i can add an extention onto his back so they meet but blender keeps crashing. I also wanted to raise his right arm (so i can have him holding a grail).

it would also be great if we can get the sword without the flames (wink, wink).

any help you can offer with this would be incredible.


So I am printing the MK3 Crusader and was wondering if there are missing leg bits? I see people who have these piston-like pipes connecting the lower leg to the ankle, and I can't seem to find them in any of your files. Any word on that?

Hi, You can find the missing bits on Stroganoff 's knight legs (that were remixed for the dominion crusader)

Great Design!!! Picture to follow shortly...Thanks

Nice files! I would add a little bit more tolerance to your peg holes. Maybe .1mm-.05mm of extra diameter to account for variance in the print. I just printed the Arcus Turret and the weapons barely fit into the slots on the turret.

Great model! I cant find your hover biker model referenced in the hover rider captain though. Where can I get the heavy bolter or other options for the front of the jetbike?

Hey do u have anyidea where ro get sicarion body??

Just look for "sceleratus"

Hey do u have anyidea where ro get sicarion body??

Hi, do you still have the STL for the Armor Bearer? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Hi, I was wondering if you have models for the sponsions on your VENATER SCELERATUS TANK (28MM). Thanks!!

Where is the whole ship?

heey, would it be possible if you could join the back and front rocket launchers pieces of the arcus strike tank? i tried in tinkercad but they are not complete when opened there

Do you have the base turret for the SCELERATUS?

Hello, I was wondering if you still do the files called Horde Prince 28mm? I saw a link to it on pinterest but it had been 404d.

hello! have you heard of any conversions to give the Dominion Crusader a more chaos feel with backwards-style legs?

Hey, you do some great stuff (i just downloaded a ton of it to print off later).

I just wanted to note one thing, on the sceleratus you have the treads in a style very similar to that on a rhino or land raider. On the.. referance model they have a different style which is linked between each tread.
The rest of your model is so incredibly true to the original i thought it could have been a mistake or something. Anyway, great job, great model, just thought id mention it.

Hey Seb, love your work, especially the “many sons” line.

Just wondering if you had any plans to do a pre-ascension version of the “Offering To The Emperor”?

Hello my friend. I am printing out a sceleratus tank with the punisher turret and I just realised Im missing the heavy bolter for the center hull. Do you have that file that I can get from you? Im not seeing it anywhere. Thank you so much for any help you can provide!


I found myself in the possession of space knight armor and I would like to know if the dominion crusader is compatible with such apparel